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Clank! Legacy - Upper Management Pack


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CLANK! Legacy released an expansion before the game even came out!  It was the Upper Management Pack and it could technically be used with regular CLANK! so that's what I did with it.  As an FYI, you should not use these until after you finish the CLANK! Legacy campaign or else weird time vortexes will happen.  The most annoying thing is the colors of the characters don't all match the available colors in the game!


The whole team - 



Jim Darkmagic

292755735_2021-03-3012_01_40.thumb.jpg.a525928331b6dbffa46aef9dbdc37144.jpg 1121079585_2021-03-3012_01_55.thumb.jpg.6ae947a3cfb390bb0eb2f9129b3dc726.jpg



1911564202_2021-03-3012_02_14.thumb.jpg.26f10215cf2ca185d41820ea4004cc34.jpg 375772196_2021-03-3012_02_58.thumb.jpg.4bfcf6aa24d8694260726972f419c86f.jpg



1439152043_2021-03-3012_02_29.thumb.jpg.bc91ace0595a95a7b77de135cd393255.jpg 129483939_2021-03-3012_02_45.thumb.jpg.235ea513718d2e97ebf7237e020b187d.jpg


Omin Dran

1260837214_2021-03-3012_03_15.thumb.jpg.7bec319d793e7b60c3e44a0cfe9c0e19.jpg 743897310_2021-03-3012_03_29.thumb.jpg.8c39fb5882ef9ff57e2a3abbb76c1caa.jpg

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