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CLANK! Legacy released an expansion before the game even came out!  It was the Upper Management Pack and it could technically be used with regular CLANK! so that's what I did with it.  As an FYI, you should not use these until after you finish the CLANK! Legacy campaign or else weird time vortexes will happen.  The most annoying thing is the colors of the characters don't all match the available colors in the game!


The whole team - 



Jim Darkmagic

292755735_2021-03-3012_01_40.thumb.jpg.a525928331b6dbffa46aef9dbdc37144.jpg 1121079585_2021-03-3012_01_55.thumb.jpg.6ae947a3cfb390bb0eb2f9129b3dc726.jpg



1911564202_2021-03-3012_02_14.thumb.jpg.26f10215cf2ca185d41820ea4004cc34.jpg 375772196_2021-03-3012_02_58.thumb.jpg.4bfcf6aa24d8694260726972f419c86f.jpg



1439152043_2021-03-3012_02_29.thumb.jpg.bc91ace0595a95a7b77de135cd393255.jpg 129483939_2021-03-3012_02_45.thumb.jpg.235ea513718d2e97ebf7237e020b187d.jpg


Omin Dran

1260837214_2021-03-3012_03_15.thumb.jpg.7bec319d793e7b60c3e44a0cfe9c0e19.jpg 743897310_2021-03-3012_03_29.thumb.jpg.8c39fb5882ef9ff57e2a3abbb76c1caa.jpg

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    • By Unit04
      CLANK! is a great deck building game where you are a thief trying to rob some sort of ruin better than your peers, while trying not to attract the attention of the resident dragon.  CLANK! Legacy adds a story element where you are building a franchise of Penny Arcade's Acquisition Incorporated, so not only do you have to loot better loot than the other players, but you also have to build the franchise WITH the other players.  CLANK! Legacy is also a bit more expensive than the original game for all sorts of reasons, but one of the things they added were miniatures for the characters.  
      So why not paint them.
      The crew and the dragon.

      Yellow Warrior.  I don't like how she came out, she's a little too bright.  If I redid her in the future, I think I would have painted her armor black and then drybrushed some gold on it.  Also people need to listen to Edna from the Incredibles.  NO CAPES!
      Green Elf.  I broke out my drow skin color for the first time and had fun with the hair.  
      Blue Halfling(?).  I was playing around with a Claire Nunez style hair...style...and it mostly works.  I may try it again in the future.
      Red Dwarf.  Wow, I honestly just realized I did that.  I really like how his backpack came out.
      Malathrex, the dragon.
    • By odinsgrandson
      Gabe here is my version of the Penny Arcade Relic Knights crossover character.  Did you buy more merch?


    • By Pingo
      Steve Jackson Games has managed something I never thought I'd see, an expansion pack for Munchkin I have no interest in buying.

      Munchkin: Penny Arcade is a pack of 15 cards from the online comic notorious for blowing off sexual assault victims' protest of sexual assault jokes in its strip.

      Nope. Just ain't.
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