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Fred is a good janitor.  He keeps the floors clear of bodies and other debris and if he takes an occasional bite of the living, it's but a fair wage.  Rumor has it he protects a glorious treasure for the eyes of only those who will see beauty in the darkness and filth

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6 hours ago, The Steve said:

I came here to see a poop monster with a chainmail bikini and am SOOOOO DISAPPOINT!

To be clear, the above is an attempt at humor. great paintjob.


Fred apologizes for not performing, the goblin community went through a fetish phase of finger removal and she had to send out the bikini to the cleaners to get the fingers out of the rings! :lol:


In seriousness though Chainmail was a really good miniature series with a lot of excellent casts and poses that doesn't get enough attention I'm glad you like her!


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The gnolls are my favorite.  I don't like the pikemen at all and a lot of the humans are boring... but ilove the troll, the gnolla the oytugh, actually the monsters in general were a lot nicer than the hominids 

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      thanks for taking a look!
      Wish me luck!!!!

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