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Happy Freeze Robot Ice Cream Truck (Happy Meal Toy Conversion)

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4 hours ago, aku-chan said:

Fantastic bit of converting, but man that is some expensive ice cream!


Fallout prices are like that.  $35 for a magazine, $10 for a Nuka-Cola bottle, a Chryslus Corvega (car) costs "only" $199,999.99.


@Chris Palmer:

Here's an image of the toy--or at least something *extremely* similar.  The wheel hubs in this photo don't look quite right, there's more paint detail on the dog's face than was on the actual toy, and something about the side front of the body doesn't seem to line up quite right.  The pup driver is a piece that pops out pretty easily. 

I've got a couple of other vehicles I got in the same "grab bag" at the thrift store (one looks like a tiny garbage truck, another like some sort of "safari" jeep) that I'm probably going to try to convert in similar fashion.  (I guess I'll try to turn the mini-garbage truck into some sort of street-cleaning robot.  The jeep-like vehicle is similar in build to the "fire truck," and I might turn it into another "vendor-bot.")


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