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2021: Painting during the Pandemic (April's foolish goals)

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Happy April Ful3s Day!

What are people painting for the month of April?

I will start off:

  1. Paint this month's terrain piece
  2. I have two more commissioned miniature paint jobs to do
  3. Paint at least one figure for StarGrave
  4. Paint this month's Mithril miniature


My hobby goals for 2021 include:

  • Painting one piece of terrain each month [On track with 4]
  • Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box (13 now)
  • Painting my Cossack faction for Anno Domini [one down]
  • Paint some more modern figures for Zona Alfa
  • Painting one Mithril miniature each month [On track with 4]



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Top Posters In This Topic

Main goal is to just keep doing anything hobby related. Kind of stalled lately. Always lots of minis waiting and things I can do but sometimes lacking the mood and motivation. Wife's birthday is in a few weeks so considering doing either a diorama of the dwarf king's throne room (she loves dwarves) or a spring park scene using the victorian style Bones minis. I have most of what I'd need for either and could make the rest fairly easily. She already bought herself something that she considers my present but I still like to give something with a little more thought and personal effort.

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53 minutes ago, Zink said:

Main goal is to just keep doing anything hobby related. 


Same here. Plenty of yard and garden to take care of on the nice days, trying to fit painting in during the evenings when not too tired.  Seem to be a number of critters on the paint table this month, dire crabs, a keketar, a bathalian, some orcs.  Hoping Reaper gets those RVE leftovers up for sale soon. 


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Main things on the docket for this month... 

- Get started on one of my resin conversion kits (still undecided between Zaku 1 Sniper and Gunner Zaku Warrior) 

- finish Queen of Hell

-  Get airbrush work on LAV-III finished

- prime more terrain (and maybe get an initial coat of main colour up while I'm at it) 

- Get bases rolled for my assembled Infinity minis on my desk (so I can finally get them off my desk!) 

- start work on HaqqIslam Hassassin Bahram starter box.  Well, the last four? minis from it that is. 


In essence, with how my workspace had changed, I'm looking at having one thing in the airbrush booth, one thing in a state of assembly, and one thing being actively painted by brush. 


Oh yeah, there's also the aspect of things that I plan on spending more time actually hobbying each day, with a goal of an average of one hour a day this month, although I'd love to hit two if my body will let me. 

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Well, I’d also be happy if I did something (rather than nothing).  I have been sorting through my boxes of vintage 25mm Minifigs unlicensed Tolkien figures, both the unpainted ones and the painted ones, and thinking about getting back to building my orc/goblin force and cleaning and priming the next unit of Gondorians.  I guess with my birthday last week (and the corresponding anniversary of my first D&D rules) I have been more motivated by nostalgia/vintage than other possibilities...

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Going to try to keep it simple.  Last few plans were too ambitious or too limiting.

12 minis.  That's the goal.

Pulled a few Rum & Bones minis for use in a D&D game.  So going to break the ice of painting that huge collection of plastic.  Also want to try out a new method for painting wood on a flat base.


Maybe i'll tackle the two giant purple worms i've been meaning to paint up.

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On 4/1/2021 at 3:19 PM, Inarah said:
On 4/1/2021 at 2:22 PM, Zink said:

Main goal is to just keep doing anything hobby related. 


Same here.


Third'd. I've done better than last year with painting by far, thanks to the RCL, though I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love that it gets me painting, love working with the people I do groups projects with; hate it in the sense that, when I have limited painting time, I focus on doing RCL stuff instead of working on some of the other projects I'd hoped to finish this year before I knew about the RCL. Just need to get better managing my time with all of it. At the end of the day, one painted mini is better than 20 unpainted ones.

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Finish the two tiny GF9 figures for a friend

RCL  - all but one category 

Two headed troll 



Elf Barbarian 


Set up for next canvas landscape painting. 

Sun rise this morning was just too pretty not to try and paint. 



easter sunday.jpg

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I've had a set of vikings in my eye line for some time, purely historical minis, that id put on this thread about ten times... They are nearly done now. I'd had them primed with leather brown and then washed for some time and I was just able to go through and batch paint really easily. A wash, and a base treatment then they're done. 


I sort of want to crack the goblin pirates, and then paint and assemble some terrain for Stargrave, because these are cluttering up my eye line and I will be able to come up with some fun new projects. In particular, I really want to crack on with my bloodstone gnomes army and have the itch to try something historical or different scale. 

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On 4/7/2021 at 2:39 PM, MoonglowMinis said:

Which goblin pirates are you working on?  I've had my eye on a few different options for my own pirate needs.

Hello! I collected a bunch of the freebooters fate goblins and have one from Privateer Press. There are a couple of nice reaper ones that I have as well. 

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The forum is formatting things weirdly for me but maybe it's just me not used to the new site yet.


Anyway April goals for the RCL under the spoiler, the two that are struck out are already finished:



Theme: (Vampire):

Jahenna, Female Vampire (77669)

Limited Palette:

Purple, Orange, Pink

Styx Purple, Fire Orange, Runic Glow

Giant Frog (44024)

Player Character:

Lysette, Elven Mage (Bones USA (30001))


Gulper (44038)


Cyclops (77705)


Merowyn Lightstar (77675)

New Release:

Darius the Blue (Bones USA (30002))


D’Tenian, d10 (77647)


Other Goals:

  • Work on website/blog
  • Work on getting the shop set up
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