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2021: Painting during the Pandemic (April's foolish goals)

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Broke my laptop around the start of March, which is why I haven't been posting for a while. BUT! That problem is in the past now and I've got a lot of stuff on the shelf.
-Salem Sisters from Dracula's America (mostly done)
-Civilians from NorthStar 1672 (partly done)
-May Queen and scarecrow from Crooked Dice
-Reaper Beastmen of the Wyld (half done)
-Reaper Pig and Cart (done)
-Reaper Brigands and Peasants (as done as they'll get)
-Reaper Kenku fighter and rogue (first 90% done)
-Reaper Pack Tortoise and Drayman (mostly done)
-Reaper Poppy Cloverlocks

Goals this month are finish, photograph, and post! Then I can take a crack at the heap of things I haven't even started. 

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