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Dusting and cleaning your minis and terrain

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It's bound to happen. Your collection outgrows its home and you want to display it. Your collection of loyal troops have stood on watch since Covid started, and now they are covered in dust. The terrain is fairing little better. 


Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean the stuff without damaging it? I don't want to go the way the model train guys do and dump snow on everything to freshen the layout and cover the dust. 

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1 hour ago, Great Khan Artist said:

Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean the stuff without damaging it?


How well would you say your terrain is put together (scale of 1 to 10, 1 being I glance at it and it falls apart, 10 being I drop it routinely and no damage)? I like @BadgersinMeadows suggestion of using the hair dryer without heat, if you have a hair dryer that can generate enough air movement. @Chaoswolf's suggestion of canned air is good too, though I can understand not wanting to spend money on canned air. An airbrush probably comes in handy for stuff like this, I imagine.


If you really want some air movement to blow the dust off, and have extremely durable terrain, do you have access to a leaf blower? 😛 *Note: I have never tried this, but given that my leaf blower allows me to change the air speed from gentle blowing to howling gale, I'm all for trying it now.*


If none of those are options, you might just have to bust out a large make-up brush and do it by hand. Combo it with some canned air/blowing through a straw for hard to reach areas?

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