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The Holy Roman Empire: Rank & File 28mm 3D printable Imperial troops, characters & artillery

Erramir Orlans

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Hello people! i would like to share with you an upcoming Kickstarter campaign that will start on April 20 and last until May 10.

This is the preview page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joygamesinteractive/the-holy-roman-empire?ref=d1ay07&token=6758305e


As the title says, it will offer Rank & file 3d printable models to make an Imperial Army (15-16th century Germany/Holy Roman Empire), including chracters, commanders, and special troops/artillery

The main pledge of $30 usd, gives 63 models (core units). As add-ons, at 75% off (compared to webstore prices), there will be sets of models (from previous releases in the patreon) and scenery.

The base pledge:


There will be some freebies stretch goals, and other payed, Like ogres mercenaries(x3), Giant, volley gun, heavy arquebusier/sharpshooter, and moarrr!

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On 4/6/2021 at 9:38 AM, Dan d'Lyon said:

I am certainly interested.  Really nice looking models.

Thanks! Dan.


i bring renders, 2 of the first stretch goals that most probably will be reached, one is 1 heavy arquebusier, who will be an $2 add-on, and a novice battle mage, who will be a freebie:


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A pack of 6 ogres landsknetchs, modular arms, hands and heads i will do another pack of 3, with armored ogres, plus, a character/commander.


This will be an add-on for the Kickstarter.. starting TOMORROW at 11:00 (USA-Houston TX) - 17:00 (UK-London)






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