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RVE Class Videos Being Posted


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Looks like the recorded classes from the RVE have started to be posted to Reaper Youtube channel for those who may have missed any of it. Looks like they are being posted alphabetically by title.


So they don't get buried on the channel as more videos get posted to their channel over time, or for anyone who visits the forums, I'm starting an index here and will update as I see more videos posted.


Painting-Based Classes

A Beginner's Guide to Metallic Paints - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles

A Beginning Miniature Painter's Toolkit - Ron Vutpakdi

Additives, Mediums, and Texture Pastes Oh My! - Rhonda "Wren" Bender

Airbrush Care and Feeding - Dan Holmes

Airbrush Usage 101 - Dan Holmes

Beginner Blending - Brice Cocanour

Buttery Blends - Blending through Layering and Feathering - Ian Markon

Chromatic Shine - Exploring Colored Metallics - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles

Chibi Dynamics and Chibi Eyes - Captain MaDDlove

Dirty and Distressed - Gregory Zuniga

Everything I Wish I Knew When I Started Painting - Brice Cocanour

Fun Faces - Ian Markon

Fun and Easy Effects - Lyn Stahl

Fun with Shiny Paint! - Lauren "OneBoot" Cowles

Heavy Metal Bootcamp Introduction to Non-Metallic Metal - Ian Markon

Hey There Shaky Shaky, Beginner Freehand - Brice Cocanour

How to Paint Hair - Geoff Davis

It's All About the Wood - Dale Jardine

It's Full of Stars! Painting a Galaxy - Kevin Holderny

Off the Page and On the Table - Comic Style Painting - Mike Cousins

Painting a Cloak with Effects/Freehand - David Gustaf-Janson

Painting Eyes is Secretly Easy - Geoff Davis

Painting Faces and Eyes for Miniatures and Models - Lyn Stahl

Painting Scales - Rhonda "Wren" Bender

Planning and Painting a Tartan - Geoff Davis

Realistic Horror, All the Gory Details - David Cecil

Rockin' Crystals - Erin Hartwell

SENMM Sky Earth Non-Metallic Metal - Ian Markon

Skin Deep Monster Edition - Erin Hartwell

The Dreaded Black and White - Erin Hartwell

Underpainting Approach to OSL - Geoff Davis

Weathering 101 - Justin McCoy

Weathering Effects - David Cecil


Photography Classes

Advanced Concepts in Miniature Photography - Joanie Bass


Panels/Discussion-style Classes

Miniatures and Game Aids for TTRPGs - Joe and Paul Oakes

Rangers of Shadow Deep - Solo Gaming on the Tabletop - Joseph McCullough

Reaper Minis on the Tabletop - Joe Oakes

Stargrave Getting Started in the Ravaged Galaxy - Joseph McCullough

Starting a Hobby Podcast - Jonathan Sugiyama


Miscellaneous Classes

Casting with Dental Plaster - Dale Jardine

Ground Effect Basing for Beginners pt 2 - Joe Oakes

Paper Plants and Brass Etch Details - Greg Zuniga

Resin 3D Printing Basics - Andrew "Talespinner" Pieper


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I know the first day they appeared there were 2 videos that could be viewed and 41 were listed as private. I haven't been checking back daily to see what their rate of releasing the hidden videos is though.


Now to just find the time to watch them...

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So they haven't uploaded anything else to the channel for a little over a week, and there are a few classes missing (notably Mocha's skin tones class). Could be they haven't gotten around to uploading, or it might be at the request of the instructor(?). Either way, original post is as complete as the Youtube channel and playlist is as of today, so if you don't check that or are new to the forum, here you go.

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On 9/19/2021 at 8:04 PM, PrincessZelda404 said:

I'm looking for Joanie Bass's beginner photography class. Does anyone know if that was posted anywhere?


I inquired about that one to @Reaper_Jon several months ago. He said he'd check, but I never heard back, or followed up. Probably time to do that. A couple instructors asked that their courses not be posted, but since the advanced photography class is posted I would have imagined that the beginner would also have been.

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It seems to not be anywhere, I went back into the cloud on zoom, but i think so much time has elapsed that it is not recorded there anymore. I then went and checked the laptops that the classes were run on, to see if they were recorded locally but to no avail. So i am sad to say that this class has vanished. :(

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