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Thanks for you comments everyone.


4 hours ago, Poilu_1914 said:

Very nice! Where do you get the foliage for the base? I need to make mine a bit more varied.


@Poilu_1914 I have that foliage for many years now and I can't remember who produce it. I don't have the original packing anymore. I thought it was Woodland Scenics and after looking at their website, I didn't find it. It's a mix of three different colors of crushed lichen; dark green, pale green and yellow.

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7 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

I painted this guy years ago. I'm going to have to dig him up to see how he compares with yours. 


Gale Force Nine and Noch/Ziterdes all make some great terrain blends. 


Good idea, I alway like to see other people version of a model I painted. Thanks for the recommendation on terrain foliage, I think Noch/Ziterdes have something very similar to what I use.

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