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Queen of Darkness gives a blessing to Ariakan

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There's a scene in the Dragonlance books where a warlord named Ariakan explains his ideas for a knighthood to a traveler who found him starving in the mountains. The traveler takes him to a cave where he has a fire and listens intently to the idea. Naturally, the traveler turns out to be the Queen of Darkness. She reveals herself to Ariakan and gives her a blessing to form a knighthood in her name.


I always liked that scene. When I found this model on etsy I thought it would make an excellent centerpiece for a diorama.


I'm painting in the same way I did my classic Takhisis. The plan is to paint the belly scales in a starscape. I'll try to do the same in all the deepest shadows on the central lady (made more difficult since I want to aoi t her in an inhuman shade of ivory.


The idea is to make her look like something from a Jim Starlin Marvel comic. Let's see how it turns out ::D:








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