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Core Set photos


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10 minutes ago, Adrift said:

Dang, that gem dragon is going to require some serious assembly. I hope the clear plastic isn’t as bendy as I’ve experienced. 

Thank you for the pictures!


It seems very much like the clear plastic that the "invisible" figures from a previous project were made in. 



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16 hours ago, AlonTey said:

Extremely jealous!  Both of those are pleasantly huge.


Maybes scale pictures of 020 (not a cloaker), 1031 (giant deer) and 1007 (big ol zombie)?


Found the deer. 






It's hard to identify some stuff without opening bags, and I worry about loosing pieces, but I'll keep looking for the others.  (By the way, if anyone has a spare head for 77184, mine has fallen through a crack in the void...)


Saprolings, dryads, briarlings, whatever... they were lose so I took a photo before they got lost:




Loot golem comes in pieces. The arm and head spikes fit their slots nicely, no putty holding this guy together. One arm is on a sprue with the base.  I guess it doesn't have ahead? Not sure why it was made in clear, it's mostly coins. 




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Thanks for the picture!  Deer is less giant than he was in my head but makes a perfectly good 'completely normal sized deer'.


Yeah, weird call on the loot golem being clear...must have been some sort of manufacturing convenience because otherwise I can't see why it would be that way.  Ghost money...

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Catoblepas (?)





Big Ole Zombie.... erm.... maybe not so big as you were expecting: 




The headless body piece, closest to Sir Forescale is about 3.5".  With base and head added the figure will just go over 4" tall. 


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On 4/10/2021 at 2:14 PM, Inarah said:

My favorite model from the core set: the Dire Cabbage!



Sir Forscale was a bit surprised when the giant weasel photobombed the picture. 


the dire cabbage looks much better than I was expecting.  It didn't look great in the art. 

Im a little mystified by the loot golem too. I think Im just going to base coat it and paint normally, perhaps leave a gem or two transparent if there are large gems in it somewhere.


the gem dragon looks cool.  

thanks for the photos! 


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