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    • By Samedi
      During my Shelf of Shame Project I started with the fairy. Since there is only room for one project on my wet palette, this one had to take the back seat during RVE. Today I finished another project, at least as far as the palette is concerned, so I can finally continue with my little fairy. Every aspect of this project was created by rolling dice.
      For everyone interested, here is a somewhat elaborate summary of part one:
      During weekend I usually put down my brushes. At the moment, painting is a stand in for my job that's on hold because of Corona restrictions, so there will probably be no progress until next week. I just wanted to set up everything so I can start right away!
    • By Corporea
      Although now that I edit all the pics to fit in the post I see things I want to fix... sigh.
      Well, anyway I "finished" her!  I learned a lot working on her skin and I'm happy with the colors.  This is the Mother of Dragons bust from Nuts Planet.  I opted not to paint her as Daenerys. My WIP is here, and I should have all of the color information there, but if anyone has questions please let me know.  I'm always happy to explain or try to break the process down.  I'm always trying to improve so C&C welcome!

      I like the walnut base.  Here she is up close:

      and a few other angles.  I had fun with the spiderwebs!

      Here's one to try to pick up the dragon's texture:

      It wasn't as successful as I wanted but I have to stop painting it and work on something else.  Or I will probably wreck it! 
      Enjoy! I'll see y'all in just 5 months!!!!
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