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This is at my AG brothers, since the conflicting schedules make it hard to get out to Harrisburg during the week. Weekends is the only quality time I have to go out of my way for gaming, but understandably, schedules are different, and many fellow CAV players aren't available Saturdays or Sundays, which is fine, but unless I know for sure people are going to be available, I'm not going to drive an hour or so. Sorry if it seems I haven't come around as much, just letting ya guys know.


Of course, you can always pay us a visit; the Comic Store is limited in space, so our games happen in the ole attic.......... I got tables (joined up to make a 7' by 9' extended to 15' playing space), reasonable terrain, lots of props. Sumicus (you already know the hood here) and Erion, the both of you already got the open invitation. Ain't a thing but to bring it..........


As for Black Lightning demos, I'm not officially a BL member, since CAV here is a relatively small crowd, mostly related, and its far too convenient to schedule games in the ole attic. Its much easier for us this way, but any Lancaster oriented aspiring BL reps, will most certainly have my support, assuming CAV is assessable to everyone.



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