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I was really hoping for an All In with Storage Solution option at the end. This is a ton of boxes. It would be a great option for adding an exclusive Morph mini.


Any guesses at which might be the final stretch goal?

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Marrow is a bigger surprise than Mastermind for me. The most asked for now seems to be Galactus but that seems unlikely for a mini due to the size necessary. 


Still surprised to be missing Morph.


Would have loved to see Gladiator and Lillandra and similar.

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Anybody else having issues with the pledge manager? Mine has my pledge selected but zero in quantity  and  nowhere to adjust that. There's also nowhere to pay for shipping, so essentially I'm getting charged shipping for my pledge, and a credit for the balance, but not receiving anything. The support website doesn't address this and creating a ticket has proven difficult with irrelevant and confusing required info (5 country options - Norway, Brazil,  China and others; or required address change info,  etc.). Really not impressed. Seems like you have to fill out the same info multiple times for different issues with fixed options. Honestly how are they in business this long with such a horrible support system. Makes me want to never deal with them.

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@lexomaticI'm sorry to hear about you issues on the pledge manager, but i had no problem on my end. Seemed pretty straight forward as to what i ordered and what i had pledged. Shipping was the only thing that remained a balance due, but all else was solid. 


Anyone else in here going through this? 

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Well, i hope it gets ironed out for you.  That's torture to have a pledge sitting.  Thanks for keeping the update.  Hopefully this is a one-off. Did you by chance post on the comments section on ks for the project, or see if others were having the same issue? 

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It didn't get sorted, and ticket was closed. Claimed I had 1 of my pledge selected despite zero showing up in quantity and said I had to select something  else.  I switched back to one shipping and had zero problems. I will avoid anything using pledge.it for pledge tracking/fulfillment as I've never had any issues with any of the other numerous crowdfunds I've participated in. Last CMON too I think.

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@lexomaticdude! What a bummer (for them to lose your business). ihate how we invest all the trust into technology and self serve areas, but in the end we (society) misses the personal touch and fixing things.  I love the convenience many times, but like you when it goes bad it goes really bad.  


Sorry you had such a pain dealing with them.  


Good news is there's lots of others who want that business and will thrive from it. 

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