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2 hours ago, Rat13 said:

That wasn't my idea initially but I can certainly see the appeal. 


I finished the rex's bases as all they needed were their highlight colors. All that remains are their eyes, but not having any ideas on how to do them I decided to set them aside and circle back to them later.




Paint them Red.

Then a very tiny Orange Triangle pointing downwards.

Paint the lines of that triangle white between the red and the Orange. Just very thin!

Then add a black iris in the orange. make it a little triangle again, add a white reflection dot.

You can add yellow in the corners of the eyes.




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@Glitterwolf I tried your eye technique and thank you for that by the way. The rex's eyes are just a little to small and beady to really give it justice but I attempted it anyway. 


I'm considering that a win for these three as their eyes are just too small. Luckily I'll get a chance to try again on larger eyes very soon. 


The skeletons received their final highlights as well so they're going into the "finished" pile too.



I also based coated the next batch, a couple of my last cheap rexs.



As I overfilled my palette yet again I based coated another two cheap dinosaurs as well.


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20 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

Don't tell Reaper, but the cheap minis look great. I especially love the rexes. 

When I picked those up I wasn't sure if they'd be useable for anything other than maybe statues. After a quick paintjob however I was happily proved wrong. They still look a bit goofy but they're definitely my kind of goofy and will fit in well amongst my hodgepodge collection. 


The set of rexs only received their two washes tonight but that nearly finishes them. With any luck I'll add their highlights and eyes tomorrow and they'll be done.



The next batch received the most attention this time. I not only finished the basecoating they got both washes too. So tomorrow they'll get final highlights and eyes as well.


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Finally got back to the desk tonight and went straight to work on those eyes. Oddly enough I don't think I did as well on the bigger eyes as I did on the small ones. I think I actually went to small with the orange triangle and it subsequently was covered completely by the other colors thus ruining the effect. I'll defer judgment to the more knowledgeable however.20210531_223705.thumb.jpg.82d8d869257aef157ed14a3eb07b2246.jpg20210531_223736.thumb.jpg.d5b25fe5986974f5ab1d540519e5ca78.jpg

As per usual I thought about restarting but decided to push on instead. Seeing as I don't intend to seal anything for awhile I plan to periodically pick these up and think about redoing the eyes. So time will tell if I take another crack at it or not.


Looking at what remained I decided to finish the last three cheap dinosaurs together. Even though they're all wildly different and I plan to paint them wildly different too I think I'll be able to batch paint them at least at certain steps. Tonight was just simple basecoating but I love how much these cheap toys transform with just that. 



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Took a bit of a break from painting dinosaurs to play more RoSD and paint a Stargrave crew but now I'm ready to get back to it. Unfortunately there's not too much to report from tonight's session but I did make some progress.



That's right the last three cheap dinosaurs base's recieved highlights. 


With any luck tomorrow's session will produce more interesting results, though all I have to finish are their eyes. They're actually big enough to give @Glitterwolf's technique justice as too. I'll be sure not to make the same mistakes as with the last batch though.

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Still haven't had a chance to finish those eyes as the weekend was pretty busy. I did however go ahead and finish all the previous models sealing, flocking, and taking final pictures of them. It may not be the progress I wanted but it is progress. 20210621_200853.thumb.jpg.e6d11cb28f85db70c2b44ac6d1200ad6.jpg20210621_200921.thumb.jpg.97ec71911300b896300b93942c882c76.jpg







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Took way longer than expected but I did get around to the last of the cheap dinosaurs. 20210629_134030.thumb.jpg.3adbffc722916245d27711bf875ee5bc.jpg20210629_133949.thumb.jpg.4f1ebd4cef49557aab9d4a968599c375.jpg

Once again the size was just a little too small for me but I did my best. 


I also went ahead and basecoated the Reaper raptors. For these I opted to paint them all the same color hoping to keep them as a more cohesive unit at least from a visual standpoint. 



I also basecoated Reaper's carnotaurus. I spent over a year planning to paint it with a black and grey color scheme only to change my mind at the last minute. It was a quick decision too as I almost went for a red scheme like in the film "Dinosaur". After looking at reference photos however I opted to go with a brown scheme instead. 


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After a bit of an unintended hobby break I'm finally back at the desk again. After only a couple hours the raptors and carnotaurus are nearly finished. 20211008_235821.thumb.jpg.40bff420bb870797038d4391b0645e48.jpg20211008_235839.thumb.jpg.3674ce6d6d0ddf3b38c5e4637a48a761.jpg

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      As I attempted to finish my wife's Orks before the new year (a task I failed at) I started planning the "first" project I'd start afterwards. As usually happens, at least with me, I decided upon and subsequently changed my mind about numerous projects. Eventually my first project ended up being Reaper's Layer Up kit. There was of course another project that was a really close contender, especially considering how much prep work I'd already put in. Coming in second place I give you my fairly cheap armada. 
      Many months ago my wife and I came across these neat little two packs of "spaceships" at the Dollar Tree. Needless to say I picked some up.

      Looking at the packaging they're not actually spaceships, they're just weapons for spaceships but I think you'll agree they make cool spaceships.

      So I did say I bought a few.
      After using poster putty to cover the crystals on a few of the ships I attached them to slats and primed them.

      Sitting down tonight I thought I'd begin painting until I realized I had forgotten to greenstuff over all the screws in the plastic. So I spent about an hour doing that instead. 

      I did however get to paint a bit, the eagle eyed may have noticed there was a figure amongst all those primed ships. Turns out this particular toy line also has a few Captains, though I've only ever found one.

      I think it doesn't even look that bad and I really considered just rebasing it as is. As you've already seen it primed however you know I fought that instinct. 
      In less than an hour I ended the night with this. There is still a lot to be done but I think it's off to a good start.

      With any luck I can finish this tomorrow and begin painting the spaceships.
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      As requested, new thread, and a WIP!
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      This thread is going to be about my wacky next project, which is to paint 15 NPCs for my gaming group's Kingmaker campaign. Plus 5 PCs, but maybe those won't be in this thread. We'll see.
      My experiment this time around is to try to take my painting to the next level by painting the same thing on all 15 minis before moving onto the next thing. For example, all the faces, then all the skin, then all cloth, then all the leather, etc. To the extend practical. So kind of batch painting, but on really different minis and not using the same colors, although I'm going to use some core colors across the minis. I think. I'm hoping this will help me improve my technique on each type of material.
      Beyond that strategy, some things I'll be doing differently than before:
      - priming with gesso. heard from a couple people at ReaperCon that this may be more durable on metal minis than the brush on Reaper primer I've been using. And all these minis are intended for gaming, so durable is really important.
      - mixing Reaper brush-on sealer into more of my colors, for durability and cuz peeps on this board say it's nice to mix into glazes, which I use a lot.
      - base-coating all or most of each mini before I start highlighting/shadowing. Usually I "finish" each area of the mini as I go, so this is going to feel weird. But I want to get an overall feel for the color scheme of each mini, and some of the techniques I learned at ReaperCon require knowing this. For example, one tip I got to improve my minis was to blend some of the primary color of the mini into the skin tones of the mini, because that is more realistic than pure skin tone.
      - Mixing more of my own shadows and highlights, rather than using trios. I've done some of this before, I but it's a specific goal here. This will also let me do more interesting color variations in the shadows and highlights.
      So here are the 15 minis assembled, prepped, and roughly based. I'll refine the bases later, but I have a weird habit of liking to paint my mini on its base, so the basic idea is there. No you aren't imagining the random gray blobs on two of them. That's poster tack holding bits together while epoxy putty dries.

      And here are most of them with the gesso:

      So holy crap - 15!! Prep took forever, even with a friend's help, and just getting them primed was no mean task. In my experience the gesso works better on the thicker side. When diluted, it tended to form bubbles that stuck around when dry, while the thickness seems to not be a problem when the gesso shrinks and dries. I've read a lot of arguments about whether it actually shrinks or not, but whatever you call it, it looks like shrinking and does a nice job of revealing detail.
      I should have gotten the gesso done yesterday so I could brownslobber today but alas the good weather and my newly planted container garden distracted me. I think it's a good idea to let the gesso cure 24 hrs, so this is all I have for now.
      Thanks for looking!
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