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The Ghost Archipelago Project


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Dinosaurs all got their final pictures and proved all my backdrops were too small in the process.20211121_203848.thumb.jpg.a953bf2421591fbf41461b55b81ea0fe.jpg20211121_203904.thumb.jpg.001c53f3a2f19e204022b54358173a14.jpg






The cavemen didn't get as far as I'd hoped but they all did get their flesh basecoat.



Aside from one miniature in the set that I finished but can't show here these three recieved the most attention. My flesh wash is nearly gone and has thickened up considerably. It does however look pretty good on cavemen and I'm really thinking of doing the whole clan like this


All three ended up in various stages with the leftmost being nearly finished. I really appreciated just how much the center one looks like Maurice. In true Maurice fashion he also looks to be quite the hunter. I warned you the jokes would become more niche.

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With all the holiday prep work and everything else I decided an early night was better than painting. In a short session though I "finished" (as usual minus sealing and flocking) the first three cavemen and started on the remaining four. Seeing the torchbearer as a chance to try OSL once again I set him aside and focused on the other three. 20211122_215837.thumb.jpg.7e21e029f65dfd1329373c0e088f40e5.jpg

They're mostly basecoated now but there is still a lot to do. The middle one kinda even looks like the Lake Murray High Savage Grok Grok complete with spirit club.

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I really figured the cavemen would be finished by now but the kid and I both came down with the flu Thanksgiving night. The little one bounced back fairly quickly but I wasn't so lucky. Still not quite feeling like my old self I decided to get back to the desk anyway. 


Getting back to it I managed to mostly finish these three. They recieved all their basecoats plus a couple washes tonight leaving only some details and cleanup to finish them.

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Got back to the desk once again and made some real progress. The last caveman is finished and as promised I attempted some OSL too.


Though it isn't anything to write home about it doesn't look too bad in person. Plus as it's just a bit of ink added to the top I think it works alright. 


Now they all just need their rims painted, sealed, flocked before their final pictures. With any luck that means one more session before moving on to other things.


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Getting a little extra painting in today I went ahead and finished the cavemen. So here are their final pictures.20211228_215238.thumb.jpg.49dbf65bf5788fabdfed9d314ad0b06c.jpg20211228_215251.thumb.jpg.4b79869ed09011450f76082cb44e4e37.jpg

I based the smaller servant the same way I did the priestess from the set which I cannot show here.




And of course my best attempt at OSL so far.


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After a short break to paint some 40K I'm back. I've known my next batch would be bugs for awhile now. Seeing as I only have six in this project I figured it would work as a quick batch I could knock out in just a few sessions.


The cockroach and tick are nearly finished after just one session.



While the giant leeches recieved their basecoat.


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Leeches are just about finished now and I'm very happy with how they came out. It's a pretty basic paintjob but it really works. 



The final set of bugs also received their basecoats tonight.



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Found a bit of free time today that just screamed extra painting. Putting that time to use the large maggots are just about finished.20220104_111316.thumb.jpg.315f705b152674ecb2c13d2802229b5b.jpg20220104_111327.thumb.jpg.1b4c0d05750f2fe110d5a54103e6e437.jpg


I even basecoated everything in the next batch too.20220104_111644.thumb.jpg.2799b29b5ca069cd76ca245aa4666cc2.jpg20220104_111703.thumb.jpg.f49cee80d49f20390cba0267f656bb34.jpg

Like the dinosaurs these are just cheap Dollar Store toys. Though I forgot to take a picture with Sir Forscale the horses are actually pretty in scale for D&D. The goat however is massive and is probably better suited as an enlarged monster rather than a regular goat.

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Horses and goat are just about done.


These being cheap toys that didn't get the best mold line removal I knew I was going to speedpaint them. The plastic was oddly difficult to work with which is why I simply gave up and accepted them for what they are rather than keep fighting them. 


As promised a comparison shot with Sir Forscale.


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I've painted a few of those horses in the past...I used a 2" base and put them as far to one side as I could in order to leave a space for a 1" base to sit easily ontop of the base with basing materials (I'd just used sand). It worked well for D&D games by making it possible to put the character on the same base as the mount.


I believe I used the sheep from the same cheap plastic sets to have some sheep herds, might have mixed in the goats there as well. I think that I used some 4 or 5 inch by 3 inch wooden ovals for basing them.

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      Now that my Ghost Archipelago project is complete it's time to start a new one. Like just about everyone else I have quite a few projects ready and waiting (maybe even too many), but after such a long project containing so many animals and monsters I wanted something different.
      If you were following my Ghost Archipelago project you may have seen a large assortment of random figures in the background of some of my pictures. That collection is comprised of figures that have been sitting on my desk for far too long, well that and my latest picks from the last box of goodwill. 

      As you can see it's a pretty varied assortment. It's also not a crazy amount either, just a nice (hopefully) quick little project before jumping into something heavy again.
      Wanting something sci-fi after all those fantasy creatures I grabbed the two identical space soldiers. Unsure what I really wanted to do I played around with the idea of a straight policeman/peacekeeper scheme. Slowly that morphed into a peacekeeper/private security group based around a mining or space operation. With that in mind I thought blue armor with an almost orange jumpsuit would make for an interesting security force where both colors could make sense, even together. 

      Looking at them basecoated I can't help but think of some of the X-men color schemes from the nineties. Certainly odd but not exactly terrible; the colors give them just enough personality that I can see using them for a lot of games/encounters.
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      Many months ago my wife and I came across these neat little two packs of "spaceships" at the Dollar Tree. Needless to say I picked some up.

      Looking at the packaging they're not actually spaceships, they're just weapons for spaceships but I think you'll agree they make cool spaceships.

      So I did say I bought a few.
      After using poster putty to cover the crystals on a few of the ships I attached them to slats and primed them.

      Sitting down tonight I thought I'd begin painting until I realized I had forgotten to greenstuff over all the screws in the plastic. So I spent about an hour doing that instead. 

      I did however get to paint a bit, the eagle eyed may have noticed there was a figure amongst all those primed ships. Turns out this particular toy line also has a few Captains, though I've only ever found one.

      I think it doesn't even look that bad and I really considered just rebasing it as is. As you've already seen it primed however you know I fought that instinct. 
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      With any luck I can finish this tomorrow and begin painting the spaceships.
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