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Top O' The Casket


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I love this model and it's paintjob :)


Hey, are you going to GenCon? I'd love to meet up with you and watch you speedpaint. (or maybe race..... *DRAW*)

Never ever throw down... LOL! I'm not human, just ask those that know me.


Just kidding! :lol:


Actually, I wasn't planning on going to any conventions for the remainder of the year. Since I just started in the business, the only one that dropped into my lap was the opportunity to go to ReaperCon this year and I took it.


Well, I will be at the Reaper Fall Gathering, and then next year, you can look for me at KhublaCon, ReaperCon, Origins, GamesDay Chicago, and GenCon. Plus I'll probably tackle the local market at the GT in February if I have things ready by then.


Remember, I'm still a newbie at miniature painting.

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I will crush you with my cybernetic painting enhancements!!!! (as soon as I figure out the smart-link between my brush and the wet-ware) :)


I'd like to possibly make a reaper-con.. we'll see.

GenCon was kinda a fluke, my GF was asked to go by a company, so I am tagging along. Otherwise I'm a bit of a homebody

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