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Samedi paints Rangers of Shadow Deep


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Since everybody is doing it... ::P:



Welcome to my RoSD-WIP! This is my first attempt at painting something for an actual game. I really like to give it a try, and with the "bring your own mini"-concept of RoSD I don't feel pressured to paint everything in the same style or to the same standard. With my pace of painting I expect to play the first mission in late 2023, if everything goes well. 

But this is not about being able to play quickly, it's more of a fun side project with lots of random updates, little stories and long pauses in between.

And it's about being able to go on my next buying spree, of course! :lol:


I have absolutely no talent for strategy and tactics so I'll be choosing the ranger and his companion solely by whether I like the mini and whether it fits the story and the character I have in mind.


To be able to play my first mission I'll have to paint the following:




Ranger: 03926 Ogana

Conjuror: 04020 Raza Twinsight

Guardswoman: 02509 Mother Superior

Templar: 02795 Paladin Initiate

Rogue: 02781 Warl Hellbore

Dog: 30013 Roogtarki Ore Hound



03753 Barrow Rats

four Giant Rats by Tabletop Art



03598 George & Gracie

03691 Ronnie & Reggie

03471 Zombies (3)

50293 Bonnie (because I just had to!)



03123 Village Mob (a leftover from RVE)

a rat catcher and a mysterious stranger by otherworld miniatures


All in all, 25 minis. That should keep me occupied for a long, long time. Let's see how it goes!


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We don't start the project with the ranger. Our story begins in the dead of night, in an unnamed little village in the mids of an unnamed dark forest.


Urs, the farmer is woken up by a strange sound outside his house. Everything should be quiet at this time of night. Maybe some animal of the forest searching for food?

No, definitely not an animal. At least not one that he knows. This sound is different.

Urs peeks out of the window. He can't see anything. Just cold, dense fog rolling in from the forest.

He wakes up his wife Brunhilde, and then Sepp, the farmhand. Was there another sound? Closer to the door this time?

With their hearts in their mouths and a torch in their hands the three go outside to have a look.




And here they are, ready for priming. Sepp was already painted up once at RVE when I took Geoff Davis's class on OSL underpainting. I've since booked an online class via zoom with him and he showed me how to continue from the underpainting stage (it was not only very informative but also very reasonably priced, can highly recommend his 1:1 classes!). 

I decided to repaint Sepp, because my underpainting looked a bit off to me. So now I can practise Geoff's OSL technique while also kicking off my RoSD project. This should be fun!



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I’m also working on these as side projects.


Hope to play at some point.


By the way, Drive Thru RPG and Fat Dragon Games have free pdf for printing cardstock terrain that are suitable for scenario 1 so you don’t have to have real minis of houses etc.

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4 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

By the way, Drive Thru RPG and Fat Dragon Games have free pdf for printing cardstock terrain that are suitable for scenario 1 so you don’t have to have real minis of houses etc.

Thanks for the tip! Probably I'll end up just using a big sheet of paper tablecloth and drawing the terrain on it with a whiteboard marker, though... Somehow I only obsess about the minis.::D:





I realised that - just maybe - I have to start to think like a tabletop guy with this project instead of lovingly brush priming every single mini like I always do. So in a mad rush of productivity I started with prepping all minis but the zombies. We'll get to all the stories when we meet the minis later.



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Sepp hates the village. He hates Urs, the farmer. He really hates Brunhilde. But at this moment, more than anything else in the world, he hates going outside to check out where that creepy noise comes from.


The recording from the OSL class at RVE is out on youtube so I could just paint along and give Sepp a brand new undercoat. And while I was at it, I did the same for Brunhilde and Urs as well. Some areas don't read quite right for me, but I had an absolute blast painting the OSL.



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2 hours ago, aku-chan said:

Nice job on the OSL!

Thanks! I'm quite happy for a first attempt, but there is a long way to go from here. ::):




Tomorrow at sunrise Sepp will pack his things and he will leave Urs. He doesn't care about the harvest. He doesn't care about the village. And Urs can rot in hell. Sepp knows how to work hard. But Urs just likes to talk and plan and gets nothing done. And Brunhilde only complains about everything Sepp does.


Sepp just has to survive this night. Maybe he can make Urs go outside first and the thing will be satisfied once it has eaten Urs. Or Brunhilde. Sepp doesn't really care. As the three approach the door Sepp takes care to always be one step behind Urs and Brunhilde.



So Sepp is done, more or less. He just needs a bit of varnish and then he's ready for the table. But I'll wait with the varnishing until I have some more figures done, so don't expect him in Show-Off anytime soon. ::P:


 Sepp is my first attempt at OSL. The paint job is the result of the OSL Underpainting class at RVE, followed by a private lesson with Geoff Davis via zoom. All colour choices are by Geoff, I just tied to follow all the steps he taught me. As I said above, I can highly recommend taking an online class with Geoff. I definitely learned a lot!


So here's Sepp, hoping to survive the night. Will he? We don't know yet, but I painted him up as a "Survivor", so he's got a chance.


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Why can't Urs deal with any problems that arise? Why is it always Brunhilde who has to make the decisions? It was her who had to convince Urs to go check out the sounds. And it was her who had to wake up Sepp. Since that brutish oaf started to work here as a farmhand everything went downhill. Brunhilde hates him. And she hates Urs, her cowardly husband. Most of all she hates herself for joining the two men in the investigation. Just once she should have let them sort out a problem by themselves.

Brunhilde grabs her trusty rolling pin and hopes nobody notices how scared she is.


Double post because of productivity!:bday: Brunhilde is finished! Enjoy!



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Thanks for the kind words, guys! It was really fun painting up those two. Especially the last stage when I glazed with the fire colours and all the colours underneath started to shift. Because I'm not that firm in colour theory it was often surprising how the paints would react. RMS Deep Red, the paint I used for Brunhilde's cap, took the glaze especially well, I think.


It's time for Samedi to go on a little vacation now, so we all have to wait a bit until we can hear the events of the night as experienced by Urs.

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