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Samedi paints Rangers of Shadow Deep

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Very nice work on both of them, they look really good! :winkthumbs:



I might be a horrible person, but I'm kinda rooting for the monster so far, though.::D:

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On 4/24/2021 at 2:24 AM, Chaoswolf said:

I might be a horrible person, but I'm kinda rooting for the monster so far, though.::D:

 Can't blame you, really.😁





 Urs just wanted to tell Brunhilde about the noise outside. There is no need to get up and have a look outside. This house has a strong door. And why does Urs have to wake up that useless farmhand? Why not just wait and see? Maybe all will go away like a bad dream. Well, too late now. Now Urs is standing behind the door, ready to go outside. He is scared. He hates his life. But at least Urs will not go down alone. With a little luck that thing outside will also get Brunhilde and Sepp. They deserve it.

Urs opens the door.




Finally, the third of the bunch finished. Not as happy with him as with the other two, but then again I haven't painted for a few weeks. Maybe I have do do a few touch ups before I can call Urs done, this picture shows no mercy 🙄...

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"A rat problem", they said. Sergej knows all about "rat problems", he's one of the most experienced rat catchers out there. And, until today, he was convinced that he'd seen everything.


Then he encountered that THING. They don't need no rat catcher, they need one of those "Rangers". Sergej sprints to the nearest shelter he sees. An Outhouse, but he can't be picky right now. Sergej locks the door and tries to be very quiet. This is going to be a long night.




This was a lot of fun. The sculpt is full of character, the face is very accessible, and I even managed to finish painting in one session. If I want to have a slight chance of playing the first mission this year I have to paint faster, especially since work is slowly picking up again and I won't have as much time to paint. But I think I'm on the right track. Only one survivor left to paint, and then it's time for the heroes. Or the rats. Or the zombies. We'll see. 😁

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And finally: The last survivor.


I wish I could tell you his name and story, but - unfortunately - I can't. You see, in every cliché fantasy story (and I'm fairly sure this is one) there's this mysterious hooded figure sitting in a dark corner. Nobody knows who he is and why he's here. But he probably has a broken sword in his scabbard, that's waiting to be reforged. Or some dark prophecy looming over him. Maybe even both. No, DEFINITELY both!


But our village doesn't have an inn.. 

So where does he even sit?

Very mysterious!




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On 4/19/2021 at 9:28 PM, Darcstaar said:

I’m also working on these as side projects.


Hope to play at some point.


By the way, Drive Thru RPG and Fat Dragon Games have free pdf for printing cardstock terrain that are suitable for scenario 1 so you don’t have to have real minis of houses etc.

Actually, the Osprey Games has some too, under their Frostgrave folder. 


I'm loving the story so far and hope you write a bat rep of your adventures. 

Edited by Great Khan Artist
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support!




I've got to get some other projects off my desk, so this one will take the back seat for a short while. 



... But I think I can hear some strange sounds outside. Like hissing and the shuffling of feet ...


... Maybe I should take a quick look ...








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On 6/4/2021 at 10:22 PM, Glitterwolf said:

Love the progress, the story gets better and better.

I really like to know what's out there now!



Since this is the first mission of the game, based on my roleplaying experience I'm guessing it's rats, probably... 


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Rat is always hungry. And since rat has gotten bigger, rat has become much more hungry. Rat will go where the humans live and eat their food. Maybe eat them also. Humans have much food, so rat can bring friends!




Finally found some time again to paint. This was a very quick paint job, but at least I got something done. Yay!

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Rat got sick some time ago. Now everything hurts. Also, rat can't see anymore. Everything dark now. But rat can still sense frightened man in litte house. When he come out, rat  eat him. Then anger and hunger go away for a little while...




Another quick paint job. Some washes over a faux-zenithal base coat, way too much drybrushing and finally some fun with the sores (GSW stained blood effect over Vallejo ice yellow base coat). I'm not too disappointed how the minis came out.

Still, I have to learn to paint faster - there's so much to do until I get to play my first scenario. And no, unpainted minis or stand-ins are not an option for me. But I'll let those rats pull double duty as zombies. 😁



Sergej, the rat catcher, also can't see very well. He's peeking through the heart shaped hole in the outhouse door. Looks like the beast has found him.

If only one of the king's rangers was here...



Well, I do have some good news for Sergej: The ranger is next!

Edited by Samedi
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I'm not really able to paint after a long, tough week but I have a little time on my hands today, so I'd like you to meet our heroes:




From left to right:


Ogana: Heir to the throne of the southern kingdom. Before going back home and joining his father in governing the kingdom he'll be going on one last glorious hunt. He'll show all those northerners how it's done! Ogana will be starring as the ranger.


Kioni: Ogana's sister and possibly the next royal witch of the south when she finally stops seeing everything as just a game. She'll be the conjurer of the group.


Brother Johann: One of the king's templars. Dedicated to watching over the reckless band and protecting them from harm . He thinks of himself as the real leader of this operation because all the others seem to lack reason and responsibility.


Sister Kunigunde: Templar in training. Prefers to solve problems by charging at them and then hitting them repeatedly with her hammer. Since she's not a templar yet, she'll be playing as a guardswoman.


The Gnome: Member of the thieves guild. Since the guild leader is horrified of what will happen to his city when the shadow deep advances he's sent one of his best men to support the operation. The gnome trusts no one, but out of loyalty to the guild he will help the group - for now.


Fetch: Ogana adopted fetch back in the savannah and since then they've always gone hunting together. Fetch is a very happy dog who loves to play catch with a heavy metal ball he always carries around with him. He loves Sister Kunigunde, because she can throw this ball very far. There is a dark secret to Fetch that even Ogana doesn't know yet. Although the mini looks like a ferocious war hound, fetch will enter play just as a regular hound. There is a reason for that, and it's not that I ran out of recruitment points, I promise. 😁


The composition of this party was decided mainly by what minis I had at hand (apart from Ogana, that is, I just love the sculpt!) and not by any great tactical plans (because I never have any). I went for higher point companions so I don't have to paint so many minis.


Also, I'm terrible at strategy games, so I will treat the whole thing more as a role playing experience and all my heroes will probably die like flies. On the other hand, I'll be playing the game against myself and that means there will be heavy losses on both sides.😁


Can't wait!

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      I've got a dozen tiny minis to BUG you with today!

      A few months ago I purchased these Hell Wasp prints for use as giant flies in Rangers of Shadow Deep.  The sculpts are from Rocket Pig Games and carefully printed at this delicate scale by K2C2 Creations.  The tiny size came in a set of 12 so I painted them all a little different to get some variety.

      Giant Flies

      My original purpose for these guys was as flies in ROSD.  To give them some stability and variety I based them on 20mm bases. In each set of 3, one got based standing, one got based leaning, and a third was placed on higher ground.  This seemed to break up uniformity.  I also painted to different styles of flies.

      The first was the House Fly

      These guys are mostly grey with a bit of brown fuzz on their backs. 
      More photos beneath spoiler:
      The second set of flies was painted as Blow Flies

      These guys are a bit more green.  Though having recently had an infestation of these guys, I wish I had made them more metallic.  Yuck.
      More photo below:

      Since I had so many of these guys, I decided to mix up the second half.

      One set got painted Red to work as Red Paper Wasps, or as decent Stirge stand-ins.

      I quite enjoy the little skull on the one base.
      More photos below:

      And the final group got painted in classic Yellow Jacket stripes.

      Bees?  BEES! Ready for a deadly stinging encounter.
      More photos below:
      These guys were tiny and fragile and tedious.  I kept them simple to get through them all and they still used up all my painting time for a month.  Lost a few limbs while basing but hopefully the slightly larger bases will give me something easier to grab during games.  I wish I had stood back more while working on these and upped the contrast.  They're fine, but their details are so small that it would have been more worthwhile to get a stronger impact from arm's length.

      What use would you have for these little critters?
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hello again!  I'm back with an assortment of Bones that are serving as my Rangers of Shadow Deep solo party.  Decided I wanted a classic fantasy look, but didn't want to fall into the cliched green cloak look.  With that stipulation, I settled on a more autumnal color palette, and tried to keep this aesthetic across the entire party, without anyone looking like they were wearing matching uniforms.  I'm pretty pleased with the results and I tried to push myself with each mini.  What do you think?

      More Photos and Thoughts Beneath the Spoiler:
      I have only played a few scenarios of Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I'm honestly not sold on the whole solo-game thing.  But if the game has done anything for me, it has given me motivation to paint more and has given purpose to some of the things I already have painted.  I already ordered some extra gnolls and ghouls to meet the required numbers and will likely be showing off some monsters soon.
      Which character do you like best?
      What games have motivated you to paint those piles of shame?
      Feel free to share your own photos!
    • By Brianuk
      Rangers of Shadow Deep is somewhere between a skirmish game and an RPG. You play a ranger, an elite soldier tasked with saving your kingdom from the advancing forces of the Shadow Deep, that has already consumed the neighbouring lands. Its great fun, can be played solo or co-operatively, and has a lot of fans on Facebook and this forum.
      The game is miniatures agnostic and lots of the fun arises from getting a new supplement (from Drivethrurpg) and seeing what terrain and miniatures need to be sourced and painted up for the next mission. That can give the impression however that you need to source and paint 100 random single use minis, and make a bunch of terrain, to enjoy the game. That isn't the case.
      There are some very nice official metal miniatures that are produced by Northstar but it is also entirely possible/economical to use Reaper Bones for the opponents you encounter in particular.
      This is an entirely personal, non-commercial post. There shouldn't be any spoilers. Because I love the game (and suppose I like Reaper miniatures…) I wanted to set out how you could source the minis you need from this company, or show people how they might have a lot of the minis already. RPG players, and people who own the big dungeon crawler KS games may also already have a lot of suitable minis.
      Most of the missions are played on a 2.5 foot square table. If you are so minded, you could get or use a 3x3 foot mat or cloth and have room for milk. You could use a dry erase RPG mat very effectively. The missions are pretty much evenly split between interior/dungeon locations and wooded/outdoor locations.
      Your ranger and companions
      You play as a ranger. The illustrations to the book show a lot of traditional, middle earth/early medieval cloaked warriors. The game is very open though and lets you create a character that could be an all rounder, a caster, an archer, fighter etc etc. There are tons of mysterious cloaked types in Reaper Bones (search for “Bones Cloak”) or you could go for metal figures for your characters. People are playing this with samurai, pirates, steampunk, evil, all sorts of characters as their ranger.
      You also get up to 7 companions. The types available will be familiar to players of Frostgrave, and include various types of soldier, casters, rogues, hawks and hounds. Again, there are a ton of options in Bones, and probably c. 100,000 options in lead and plastic from Reaper and other manufacturers.
      First mission
      The very first mission involves investigating an abandoned village. The main feature of the terrain requires you to represent 5 small houses on the table. You don’t have to walk around the interiors of the houses in the missions. If it would be a bit of a tar pit/expensive to go out and buy a bunch of mdf or plastic houses, a cheap option could be to use decoupage house-shaped boxes, and decorate these with filler/coffee stirrers/cardboard tiles, or represent the buildings in 2d.
      The opponents in the mission are rats, and zombies. You probably won’t need more than 4 of each on the board at any one time. SKU 77016 “Rats” or 77198 “Barrow Rats” would be useful. SKU 77342 is a set of 5 zombies, and SKU 77053 and 77014 are sets of 3 zombies. Zombies turn up in future missions a lot more than rats. Bones 5 includes some nice new zombies as part of the Core Set and as an add on. The Dungeon Dwellers expansion will include 4 giant rats. 
      Second mission
      In the second mission you encounter giant spiders, and investigate some of their cocoons /webs and some creepy trees. Giant spiders come up in future in quite a few of the missions. SKU 02784 is metal, but has a spider and two victims, if you want to show the victims. Or you could wrap a packing peanut in cotton wool.
      I used tree armatures for the creepy trees. If you don't have any model trees/bushes and you want to show them in 3d they get used in a lot of future missions. 
      For spiders, SKU 77126 (“Vermin: Spiders”) looks perfect and you can probably get away with having 6 minis. You could mix it up with SKU 77128 (Vermin: Spider Swarm) and SKU 77025 which is a bigger, single giant spider. Bones 5 includes an add on with 4 giant spiders, a couple of victims, a halfling paladin, and some terrain.
      Third mission (3 scenarios)
      In the third mission you start to encounter gnolls. These are one of the main opponents you come across in the game. I used orcs and half orcs a lot of the time, or the plastic gnolls from Frostgrave. Future missions involve you facing human cultists/evil soldiers and gnolls so you may want two distinctive types of opponent. 
      The types of gnolls you need to depict are archers, fighters, sergeants (bigger and tougher) and shamans. You only ever encounter a single shaman in each mission. It is sensible to have 4 archers, and  4 -6 fighters, with two of those being bigger/tougher looking and identifiable as sergeants.
      If you were going for gnolls and using Bones, there are 6 different minis to look at (SKU 77388, 77234, 77235, 77236, 77104, and 77012), and you would only need multiples of the archer (77104 Blacktongue Gnoll Archer).  
      You need to show a bridge and a stream for the first part of this mission. The gnolls have set up camp to guard it. Then you move into the interior of a captured watch tower. It could be handy to have some tents, shelters, and a camp fire as these show up in other missions.
      It is worth thinking about how you would depict rooms/dungeon walls as a lot of the missions involve setting out the table in a number of large rooms. I used 1cm high strips of xps foam, detailed with a  foam roller, and stuck to tongue depressors. Dungeon scatter (crates, wreckage, skulls etc) could be a good investment as well.
      Other opponents you may need to depict in this third mission are a vulture (see SKU 77485), 1 or 2 civilians /prisoners, a flesh golem (perhaps 77512 or 77169).
      You will definitely encounter a “Shadow Knight”. I used a metal mini (Krass Omenthrall SKU 03792). He is turning up in the Core Set in Bones 5. There are a huge number of evil looking knights in Bones though. Searching for “Bones Evil” brings these up.
      Fourth mission
      In the scenarios comprising the 4th mission you start to encounter giant flies. A lot of people use joke shop flies, there is a model from Northstar, but I used the Bones “Fly Demon” (SKU 77259).   If you don’t need an army of lead or plastic flies in your life you can get away with having 4 models, as they die quickly in the game.
      The final scenario in this mission is “The Last Stand”. This is great fun and involves you defending a ruined farmhouse from randomly generated opponents. You need to show 4 civilians and 3 allied soldiers. There are a number of suitable peasant NPCs and searching for “Bones Townsfolk” would bring a bunch of these up.
      Your opponents in this mission are randomly generated and could include gnolls, giant spiders, and giant flies. You may also have to deal with Trolls and with a burrowing worm. There are 10 different trolls in the Bones range, and 10 different ogres. Future missions have you facing off against skeletal/zombie ogres so you might want one model to represent both types of opponent. Trolls and ogres don’t show up in the same missions.
       I used SKU 77541 (“Carrion Worm”) for the burrowing worm but other useful models would be SKU 77006 or 44031 (giant leeches). The new Bones core set includes a suitable looking creepy worm, and a number of armoured trolls. 
      In the final mission you are able to have minis in the cottage and on the roof. I represented minis on the roof by putting these on up turned transparent plastic cups.
      If time allows I might try and add to this post to go through future missions. I’ve really enjoyed playing through the game and (partly due to lockdown) only have 2 more ‘books’ to go. 
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