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Samedi paints Rangers of Shadow Deep


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I'ts been almost exactly a year since I've started this project. In my first post I expected to play the first scenario in late 2023. So it seems I'm way ahead of schedule. 😇


With the Hans, Franz and Heidi finished this is what remains to be painted:


  • two heroes left to finish (I'm bit scared to mess them up, to be honest)
  • four more zombies
  • a lot of spiders
  • more spiders

I'd say late 2023 is still very possible. By then the hype is over, nobody knows this game anymore and nobody will understand what I'm writing about in this thread.  😁 I don't care, though! Onward! To victory!

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Dieter, the charcoal burner, and Jochen, the cobbler, have hated each other for as long as anyone can remember. Not anymore. Now, together like brothers, they hunt any living soul in the village. The shadow deep is not all bad, it can turn bitter enemies into mindless corpses the best of friends!


@R2ED painted a really cool zombie lady that inspired me to try my hand on monochromatic zombies. I can't find his original thread, but you can see a picture of her over here. I cant't hope to reach that level, but as they say: Aim for the stars and maybe you'll hit the zombie that's crawling towards you.


First I had to re-prime my candidates with a zenithal:



Next: Figuring out a colour scheme. I opted for coal black/maggot white, with some additional ebony skin for the shadows:



And here is a WIP-shot. I need to refine the blends and push the contrast a lot, but I like where this is going:


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Sergej, the rat catcher, is still hiding inside the outhouse. He peaks through the little heart shaped hole. That rat-thing is still there. But now he can spot something else. Two figures are approaching, shambling closer and closer, their silhouettes outlined by the pale moonlight. Luckily, Sergej doesn't have to soil his pants. He's already inside an outhouse.




And here they are, Dieter and Jochen on their night out. I consider them done for all intents and purposes. And that monochrome colour scheme works really well for zombies, they look absolutely creepy. Of course, it helps a lot that those are some great sculpts as well. 😇

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Last night, Brother Johann said good-bye to his family. Then he went to the temple and spent the night in prayer and meditation. This is what he always does when he is called to run some errand for king. So far, he has always returned. But this time, it feels different.

And while the first rays of the morning sun fall through the stained glass window of the temple, he rises from his knees. He is tired, but at the same time he feels full of energy. Brother Johann is ready for whatever may come.


Sister Kunigunde has no family to say good-bye to. And she'll definitely not spend this last night awake. She went to bed early to get a good night's sleep.

And while the first rays of the morning sun fall through her little bedroom window, she rises from her bed. Then she makes herself a hearty breakfast.

Sister Kunigunde is ready for whatever may come.




Almost finished. All that's left to do is some varnishing and then some water effects for Kunigunde. However, they'll leave this thread at this point and will appear in show off, in a few days. Or weeks. Or whenever.


But somebody else has entered this thread:



Ragnar was a brigand hiding in the nearby woods. Until, one day, his luck ran out. Now he doesn't care about the robbing part anymore, he's just in it for the killing.


With Ragnar I want to try something different. I'm going for a "just out of the grave"-look, which means I'll more or less paint everything brown-ish with a lot of dry brushing, and then go to town with all the pigment powders I have lying around here somewhere.

Do I know what I'm doing? Absolutely not! Do I care? Even less!

Why am I doing this? Mainly because I can't really read this sculpt. I have no Idea where his clothes begin or his skin ends or what are bones and what is flesh. And this is a great way around this problem. Let's see how it goes!


And I found out something else: There are no spiders needed for the first scenario! So i'ts just two more zombies to paint and I'm all set! Yay!

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On 6/1/2022 at 8:19 PM, Glitterwolf said:

Regarding that plague zombie, I find it helpful to use a wash over the primer if you can't make out the details. 


Thanks for the tip! Actually, the details of the sculpt are visible fairly good, especially with the zenith priming. It's more about decisions: What part is flesh, what is skin, what are undergarments and what ist the top layer of clothing. So by taking a "messy" approach I hope to circumvent the decision making process. On top of that, painting deliberately messy is a bit outside my comfort zone, meaning I can learn something there. 😊







Greta was cooking dinner for her farm hands. A big pot of hearty stew was bubbling over the fire place. Hans, Franz and Heidi were sure to be hungry when they returned from the fields. The harvest was finally brought in. It had been a good year so far. So there would be a lot of drinking and celebrating tonight, and a day off tomorrow.


Suddenly, Greta felt  a bite. And then, for the first time in her life, she completely lost her appetite.

Well, she lost her appetite for regular food. Now, she only hungered for the flesh of the living.


I can almost smell the finish line!


However, there's so much going on in RL, that I hardly have any time to paint at the moment. But today I managed to sneak in a few hours!

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