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Samedi paints Rangers of Shadow Deep


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Corona came by for a visit during the holidays. So instead of going to the seaside I got to spend two weeks at home, one of wich I was too weak to get out of bed. But as soon as I got a little better I finally had time to paint again. And I'm proud to say: It is done! Not quite, maybe, there'll probably be a group shot and maybe even a battle report, if I feel like it, but the painting (for the first scenario at least) ist over.


I started with Greta


At this stage I realised the highlight colour of the triad was way too blueish. So in the next attempt I just highlighted the midtone with some VMC Sunny Skintone - much better.


Then onto Ragnar:


I discarded my old Idea to just douse him in pigments and call him done, because I found a very good version by @Metalchaos here. Thank you so much for your inspiration, I hope you don't mind me copying that glowing eye effect!


So here are Greta and Ragnar, saying good-bye from this thread!



But wait! I promised pigment weathering on Ragnar, so here:



The warm afternoon sun and the songs of birds and grasshoppers make Ogana remember his hunts down in the southern savannah. It's almost as if he was back home.

But then, as he continues his way towards the little unnamed village, he notices that the birds have stopped singing. And there's a faint stench in the air. It smells of death and decay.

Almost there.


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Alright, time to wrap this up!


Since I don't have any terrain, I need another solution: Watercolours. And a big sheet of paper.

You can clearly see that my training in the fine arts ended in elementary school  - but it was really fun! And I even got to buy some more art supplies. So here is the first time in decades Samedi used a brush to paint something other than a mini:



And now for the grand finale: Group shot!



I'd like to thank you all for joining me for this project, for all your inputs, encouragement and likes!


And yes:

1) There will be a battle report - but not here. This is the "painting" section of the forum, so it doesn't really fit here.

2) There probably will be a part two with lots of spiders - but not now, I gotta work on some other projects first.



You'll find the battle report here.

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Added link to battle report
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