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My kid loves stealing my dice.

So I'm painting some High Rollers as a bday gift later this summer. Kid is not old enough to paint with a brush yet.


Day 1 was saturday - priming and base coats on the bases and D'Tenian. Maybe my first painting this year?





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Day 4

D8 more basecoats needs a toichup on the eye and the shoes and to start the quiver. Then glue and touch-ups


D12 base coats. Not sure about this.


And a better pic of the d4 from yesterday but no extra work. Need to do the hands, then glue and touch-ups.


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I will reiterate my hatred for small multipart minis. D10 base separate from D'Tenian after falling off the table just now. Glue attempt 3. Never had to do this with early Bones.

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Touch ups.

Everybody got whiter teeth.

And Pyp got edging


Vigintor got eyes touched up


Same with d12.


Got a bit too clean but fixing things the other way is beyond my skill/patience. Also the beard. Next will be shadows. Not sure if I'll do that tonight.


Gonna make another of these and cut out holes for the bases


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