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Spear Goblins (Got to come up with a cool regiment name)


Manufacturer: Games Workshop, Gamezone Miniatures


Sculptor: Unknown


Painting these a little different then my normal technique, and also need some inspiration to keep painting.  So much unfinished stuff on the table...


So far, they have received a primer of GW White Primer Spray, followed by a wash of GW Contrast Ork Flesh.  Haven't used the contrast paints much, but I see some potential for them.




Mousekiller's Great Waaaggghhh!!!

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Ok, managed to work through most of the skin, I am sure I will go back and fix a few bits and the rest of the miniatures come together. 


Here is the color pallet below: GW Warboss Green, Skarsnik Green, Flash Gits Yellow, White, Kislev Flesh, and Emporers Children Pink.




Up first was a layer of Warboss Green:



Next a layer of Skarsnik Green to start bringing out the muscles, as well as a coat of Emporers Children Pink the nose, ears, elbows, and bottom lips.



This was followed by equal parts mix of Skarsnik Green and Flash Gitz Yellow to highlight the muscles. Additionally, I used a layer of Kislev Flesh to highlight the Emporers Children Pink.



Following this came a final highlight of Skarsnik Green, Flash Gitz Yellow, and White.



And finally, I layered the Kislev Flesh with a mix of White for a final highlight.  Also, a dot of black to the eyes, followed by Khorne Red.  I also blackened out the mouth and eye patch.



Here they all are with skin done.


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Looking forward to see you tackle another army!

I always like your projects!


Possible names for the unit?

  • Gobbo Stabbaz.
  • Da Pointy Stikkas
  • Da Prodderz
  • Green Mean Stikka Team
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Thanks Glitter!


For the next step I did a wash of Rhinox Hide on the wood bits, a wash of Snakebite Leather on the shield, and painted all the metal bits with Iron Hands Steel.



This was followed by a drybrush of Skrag Brown on the wood, a wash of Warplock Bronze on the metal bits, and a light dry brush of white on the shield.1548685456_SkraggBrownWLBronzeWhite.thumb.jpg.c93b518af67925a1619726a56eef8f0d.jpg

A highlight of Balor Brown to the wood, Black Wash (light) to the metal, and a white dry brush to the shield.

Balor Brown white black wash.jpg

Highlight of Baneblade brown to the wood, Iron Hands Steel Highlight to the metal, and a wash of yellow on the shield.242789927_BanebladeBrownYellowwashIHhighlight.thumb.jpg.216d41035e1fece3fd7a38bfde25dbab.jpg

And a picture of the group at this stage.72203174_MetalWoodGroup.thumb.jpg.bfedc59585024c4f4a8799190cff70a3.jpg

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Time for some red!


First round was a wash of GW Contrast Blood Angels Red.



Next up was a coat of Evil Sunz Scarlet.  I also gave the remaining leather bits a wash of Contrast Black Templar, and the ropes a wash of Contrast Snakebite Leather.



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Next up was a highlight of Blood Angels Red mixed with Balor Brown.



Another highlight by adding a bit of Skull White to the previous mix.



Another wash of Blood Angels Red and Snakebite Leather mix.981152999_Red6.thumb.jpg.385e1a3d47b0b89239a75f9a11b687bd.jpg

And finally here is the group at this stage.1408285451_RedGroup.thumb.jpg.12d56ea1303b1c41300d894256e0b76b.jpg

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Ok, next up are the fur parts.  For this I did a base of Mournfang Brown, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade.  Highlight was Skrag Brown, then mixed in Ulthuan Grey, and another layer with more Ulthuan Grey.  For the grey fur, base was Russ Grey, followed by a highlight of Fenrisian Grey, then Ulthuan Grey and Fenrisian Grey mix, and finally Ulthuan Grey.



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Got the teeth and mouths pretty much done.


Started with a layer of Ushabti bone, followed by a wash of Flesh Tearers Red, then a wash of black.  After this I went in and picked out the tongues with Genestealer Purple and a highlight of Slaanesh Grey.  The teeth got another layer of Ushabti Bone, followed by Skull White.  The gums got a layer of Emporers children pink, and a slight highlight of Kislev Flesh.




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