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Just a few things about the page and I'm being harsh on purpose.


First those pics in the bottom right should be moved to the top left so they are seen right away. It is bad practice to have the browser search for what they want to see.


The Web page is Nice but the background is eye straining. Instead of the squares in the back maybe you should try a flat image. This would speed things up and things wouldn't look so cluttered. This is especially true in the Gallery.


Removing the Strong Red lines in the background would also add more attention to the selected image. This is especially true in the Gallery.


A significant amount of people still browse in 800x600 so it might not be a bad idea to size down. I personally prefer what you got but I've always been tought to go by 800x600.


This goes with what is above. Telling your browsers what is the recommended viewing resolution is a GREAT idea but it should not be a title of it's own. I suggest making it a note inside of your Real Header.


You're real Header is also slighly distracting. Getting your name out there is important but it is Drawing attention away from your content and the minis and should probably be down sized about half.


The thank you for viewing box should go below the navigation panel. Most browsers will become annoyed if they feel they have to read something. And your goal is to keep them at your site for as long as possible not to annoy them.


A default picture in the Large Display would be nice also. You want to grab the browsers attention right away to keep them interesting. I would suggest maybe a Diorama of some sort. Something very cool, to keep them there as long as possible.


The Good:

Everything is crisp and clean. A much better layout then I have seen at other Miniature sites, so a good job and congrats is in order.


The picture are of great quality and really showcase the miniatures.


I saw the Harvesters on Ebay and almost bought them, I decided against only because I would have had to buy more Necropolis Minaitures. Knowing it was you I might have gone ahead with it anyhow. Where they purchased on ebay?

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