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Historical minis and games?


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Well I would agree with that. They don't realize that some of the most outlandish uniforms you can imagine have actually been worn by combat troops. Some one asked me once if they could paint their Union Civil War troops in all green. Of course they could. Civil war troops had some pretty wild uniforms that are a lot of fun to paint, even if you are doing it in units. French and Polish Napoleonic uniforms have a lot to offer too, I would love to see someone like Anne, or Lilianna Troy or Jennifer Haley paint a unit of French Old Guard or British Rifles.


I think the problem is strictly fantasy painters start feeling restricted and not wanting to be told their color choices for uniform are wrong. After a uniform that has been colored with less than modern dyes has seen even a couple of weeks service colors can change dramaticly.

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Just in case anyone is curious I got a repy back for my Pendraken order. Apparantly they have an exlusive import deal with an American distributor. My order, with shipping from England totalled slightly less than $20. The US distributor wanted, with shipping, $41! Needless to say I declined to order....


Its back to Minifigs and (maybe) Perrin. I also heard Chariot is getting into 10mm WWII as well; their 15mm ranges are pretty good...



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Most of my recent gaming has been either CAV, Warmachine, Warmaster,Chronopia or Warzone, but I have the following sets of historical rules sitting around, just in case:

Johhny Reb

Tactica (Ancients, Expansion and Medieval)

Wooden Ships and Iron Men

Close and Destroy

Blue Max


Combined Arms: Command Decision



And the pseudo-historical:

Great Rail Wars

Wargods of Aegyptus


Clan War


I'll be adding Warlord, once I can get a copy of the rules. I'm sure that I have more than the above, but those are all I can currently see or come to mind.

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I've done a lot with Command Decision WW1 and WW2, using a mix of Old Glory and Battlefront for [email protected], and Peter Pigg for the WW1. I sculpted and cast in resin most of my vehicles for both.


I think one of the best mini games ever devised was "Hostile Aircraft" for WW1 air action.


"They Died for glory" is a fast, fun set of Franco-Prussian War rules. Frontier and OG make the figures.


In 1980 I bought a few thousand Jack Scruby 9mm English Civil War figures and have rebased them for DBR rules.


I've got about a hundred DBA armies to choose from.


I've played ACW and Napoleonics, but never found a set of rules for either that really worked for me.....


And, finallt, my gang co-wrote and teasted a set of "universal" rules for 54mm toy soldiers, using mainly ACW, ARW, and French and Indian.

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Flames of War is a great game, very fun and the figures are cool. I currently have an American Armoured Company and when I finish the second platoon of infantry I will be able to field a US Mechanised Infantry Company. I have also just ordered the DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps) box set as I love the desert period and my friend wants to do the Desert Rats leaving me with the Desert Fox.


The game is fast play with the normal 1500 point game taking from 1 to 3 hours. Heck last week we played a Fighting Withdrawl scenario both ways in under 3 hours. (My US Tank Company won it both ways ::):). FoW is not really for re-enacting battles though you can. It is far more get your troops done and have fun.


I also have many DBA armies in 15mm, 28mm Imperial Romans for WAB, 20mm WW2 and some 28mm WW2.



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I've never gotten into DBx, but it interests me.


I just picked up some 10mm romans to paint up, and I'd really love to make a 15mm green army using thexyston miniatures.


The guys I game with are responsible for the Hack set of rules - and are currently working on a ruleset for 10mm WWII


I have some FoW figures, and I'm really looking forward to just painting them to have them. They are nice models. If I get to play, cool... if not, I'm not too upset. :) I've been basing my 10mm WWII in the same half-squad method that FoW uses.


We are also playing a napoleonic campaign right now.


There are a few of us that want to play Necromunda some more, as we haven't played in ages - but I think to make things interesting, we are going to the WWII rules and play campaigns based on that.


The reaper RAGE page on reaper games mentions "Victoria's Cross" which has me excited. :)

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i recently picked up flames of war and started an american army when i found out reaper matt and a few of our other friends were playing it looks like a good game havent gotten a chance to play yet though.

I have the rule books... it's an interesting abstraction.

I'd be curious to see your forces. I haven't put any wholesale work in on my models yet - just started some US paratroopers and pieced together a Tiger.


I was thinking of going US/German/British so I can play airborne games, like the Ardennes and Operation Market Garden.


I've got some fallschirmjaeger I'm itching to paint too. I mostly picked up the models because I was on a 15m painting kick :)

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I've never gotten into DBx, but it interests me.

I personally disliked DBx on a number of different levels. Besides the "tournament" mentality, I dislike the complete abstraction of units, the unit names, and how archery is handled. I MUCH prefer Might of Arms. Much cleaner, easier to understand, more logical (I love how it encourages long battlelines, rather than a number of independent commands). I'm periodically working on a Republican Roman/Carthaginian armies using the Hat plastics specifically to demo this game at cons...



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I'm a big fan of Sci-Fi, fantasy, and historicals as well.


Fantasy- I've settled on Warlord for the present. Really like the rules along with the ability to field a decent size fighting company without a huge investment of time or money.


Sci-Fi - I've currently got CAV going as I prefer more "realistic" Sci Fi games. No demons, magic,etc... CAV fits much more into what I believe the battlefield of the future would look like.


Historicals - WW II and Modern in 15mm and 1/285 ,FoW and Command Decision,Combined Arms.

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