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May releases??

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This is the first Bones USA release I haven’t loved. Stylistically, I much prefer Manor’s bugbear to Jackson’s. I’m def taking a scalpel to those batwing ears and tapering them more like a goblin/elf-kind. 

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11 hours ago, DocPiske said:

Aren't those Bones Black dragon kin from Bones Kickstarter 5?


I think those are probably the metal releases. Reaper generally releases the humanoid figures in metal.

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@SotF IIRC the statue is a separate piece so it can be left off or replaced with something you like better.   IMO, if you're at all interested, snap it up because a lot of these larger pieces don't stay in stock and aren't re-stocked frequently. 


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On 5/11/2021 at 5:51 PM, haldir said:

How big (diameter) is the new Well?


For those keeping track at home.........






This might work for what I need, hmmmm

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