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Hello everyone, now that my Perils of the Underworld diorama is built, I'll post here the detailed steps of my paintings sessions. The Work in progress of the display base can be found HERE.


Let’s start the painting section with a hack to save time. When I paint a large surface, typically a terrain piece, I apply paint straight on the surface and spread it with a large brush. It’s way faster, since I don’t have to go back to the palette each time to reload the brush bristles. Here I’m using a #8 flat brush.




As a base coat for the display I used 09660 powderburn brown.




I filled the gaps and hard to reach areas with a #1 brush. At this step, I’m using old brushes as it doesn’t matter if the bristles are sharp or not.




I then applied a dry brush of 09028 muddy brown all over the base.




I dry brushed of 09028 muddy brown on the upper part of the 03602 stone lurker and started painting the bat as well. The bat is from the 02018, Familiar Pack I. I used the same colors on the bat's perch that those I used on the display base. I painted the bat body in 29843 solid black.




Next, I started layering the bat wings with military grey (this out of production color can be substituted by 09438 tempest grey).




Here’s the picture I referred to for the bat wing colors.




For the bat fur, I used 09059 aged bone and the fingers were painted with a mix of 29839 maroon red and 09059 aged bone.




Even if it will be impossible to see the back side of the bat when it would be attached to the display base, I painted it anyway.




17mm wingspan ready to take off. I applied a 29822 suntan flesh highlight on the stalactite, then a mix of 29822 suntan flesh and 09059 aged bone for the final highlights.




Here’s the back side completed with a final 29822 suntan flesh highlight.




Here you go, that’s it for today. Spread your wings and go explore the Underworld.



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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your comments everyone, I'm glad you enjoy. I'd like to complete this project this week, so I'll speed up things.


I painted the glowcap mushrooms starting with a 29803 entrail pink basecoat over the white primer. I also made a few more glowcaps in their primordial phase.




Here I painted glowcap in their primordial phase. I mixed 29803 entrail pink, 09039 pure white, 29820 gem purple and 09288 LED blue and blend everything together.




I painted the caps with a mix of 09286 punk rock pink and 09408 candlelight yellow.




Here are the glowcaps fully painted with white highlights, I added white dots on the caps and the stems.




I applied the first layer of 09280 nightmare black on the nightlight fungus.




The base coat on the timmasks is 09479 solid black.




I painted all the roots with a base coat of 09136 walnut brown.




The base coat on the Ripplebarks is also 09136 walnut brown.




I added two small glowcap in their primordial phase on top of the rock wall and created an earth elemental cooky monster.




I then painted the base coat on the riding cat, I used 09280 nightmare black, 09030 leather brown and 09284 lonestar leather (oop color similar to 9246 brown sand).



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Posted (edited)

Major update today!

09028 muddy brown drybrush at the back.




09028 muddy brown drybrush on the cooky monster.




29822 suntan flesh drybrush at the back.




29822 suntan flesh drybrush, 09059 aged bone highlight on some areas.




I mixed 09059 aged bone and 09286 punk rock pink to start building the osl that will emanate from the clowcap mushrooms.




I pushed the osl even lighter by added 09039 pure white to the 09286 punk rock pink.




At this point, it really looks like melting Napolitan ice cream. Let’s keep hope and try to fix this.




I mixed 09039 pure white and 09280 nightmare black and started layers lighter tones of blue on the nightlight fungus.




I also started to work on the osl that will emanate from the nightlight fungus.




I added 09288 LED blue to the mix and pushed the nightlight fungus highlights.




I was going to paint the crystals in green but decided to go for amber to contrast with the clod osl colors. I first applied a layer of 09031 tanned leather on the rocks. Then, I used 09405 volcanic orange, 09408 candlelight yellow.




I applied 09039 pure white on the hedges and highlighted the sand around the rocks with a mix of 09408 candlelight yellow and 09039 pure white.




Next, I applied 29839 maroon red on the roots.




I highlighted the timmasks with a mix of 09479 solid black and 09059 aged bone, painted the caps with 09408 candlelight yellow, highlighted them with 09039 pure white and added 09479 solid black stripes.




Yummy timmasks!!




For the Ripplebarks, I used 09059 aged bone, 29848 jungle camo, 09084 pale lichen and 09031 tanned leather.




I used 09084 pale lichen to paint the grills under the mushrooms.




I applied a light 29822 suntan flesh drybrush on the roots.




Same 29822 suntan flesh drybrush on the lurker.




I painted the lurker maw in 29839 maroon red.




Applied a 09311 stone wash on the lurker and on some areas of the base.




Same 09311 stone wash shading in the bat cave.




I painted the lurker eye with successive layers of 29839 maroon red, 09405 volcanic orange, 09408 candlelight yellow, 09479 solid black and added a 09039 pure white reflection.




I pushed the bluish osl even more. I used various tones of 09280 nightmare black mixed with 09039 pure white.




I also pushed the pinkish osl and highlighted the lurker strands with a light 09286 punk rock pink glaze.




At the back, I applied a light pinkish osl on the roots.




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Thanks for your support @aku-chan and @chaosscorpion , I appreciate it.


There you go, I highlighted the riding cat fur by side brushing following the direction of the hair with lighter tone of blue. I mixed 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white. I shaded the saddle, the bag and water skin with diluted 09136 walnut brown. I also painted the teeth with 09284 lonestar leather.




Then, I painted its base in 09028 muddy brown, the eyes in 09059 aged bone and highlighted the saddle, bag and water skin with a mix of 09284 lonestar leather and 09059 aged bone.










I then took the fur highlights a little farter still using a lighter shade of mixed 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white. I painted the teeth with successive layers of 29825 tusk ivory and 09039 pure white. I painted the eyes with dots of 09031 tanned leather, 09014 grass green, 29843 solid black and 09039 pure white. I painted the tongue, gum and snout with a mix of 29839 maroon red and 29825 tusk ivory. And I also highlighted the base with 29822 suntan flesh.








Finally, I base coated Ingrid with appropriate colors for a Deep Gnome “Svirfneblin” as they are called in the Forgotten Realms. I used 29843 solid black, military grey (oop color) for the skin, 09028 muddy brown for the gem stone, 09284 lonestar leather for the gloves and boots, 29848 jungle camo for the cloak and 29825 tusk ivory for the hair.







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Thanks @Glitterwolf and @LarsM, I'm glad you like it.


I did a military grey dry brush on her tool and a 09136 walnut brown wash on Ingrid cloves, boots, and cloak.




I did a military grey wash on her hair. (Military grey is an oop color that could be substituted by 09438 tempest grey).




I did a military grey dry brush on her chainmail and on the studs of her armor.1971504367_PotUWIP155.JPG.1c936e4532d0e7120e0e1e0b2f0fe5ab.JPG


I then applied a 09284 lonestar leather dry brush on the cloves and boots. (Lonestar leather is an oop color similar to 9246 brown sand). I also painted the belt and belt pouch with the same color.




I applied a 29848 jungle camo highlight on the cloak.




Same 29848 jungle camo highlight at the back of the cloak.




Then, I decided to paint her leather armor in 29839 maroon red.




I started layering the gemstone with 09405 volcanic orange.




Then, a layer of 09408 candlelight yellow.




And a final highlight of 09039 pure white on the edges.




I painted the gem on her cloak broch in 09014 grass green.




Added the highlight on the green gemstone. I used a mix of 09014 grass green and 09039 pure white. The final highlight, the dot, is 09039 pure white.




I highlighted her hair with 29825 tusk ivory.




Highlighted the leather with a mix of 09284 lonestar leather and 29825 tusk ivory.




Same here, I highlighted the leather with a mix of 09284 lonestar leather and 29825 tusk ivory.




Then, I started highlighting the leather armor with a mix of 29839 maroon red and 29825 tusk ivory.




I did the final highlight on the armor with a lighter tone of 29839 maroon red mixed with 29825 tusk ivory.




After that, I worked on the metallic parts. I applied a first layer of military grey mixed with 29832 concrete grey. (Concrete grey is another oop color similar to 09493 gargoyle grey). Then, I applied a light layer of 29832 concrete grey on some areas.




For the next layer I mixed 29832 concrete grey and 09039 pure white. I did a final 09039 pure white highlight on the edges of the pick and some areas of the chainmail. Note the greenish glaze on the tool, it’s a mix of 09014 grass green and 29848 jungle camo.




I added rust to her tool, I used 09284 lonestar leather and 09405 volcanic orange.




Same here, I added some rust on the pick.




Then, I struggled with the eyes. I had to repaint them three time. They were nice like that but…




The blue dots went over the black, and the final white dot was too big on her left eye.




I repainted them even bigger than the first time.




The 29813 bright turquoise and 29851 tropical aqua doesn’t show much but I’m happy with the result.




I finally added stains at the base of her cloak and a green gem on her hair pins.



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Thanks @Glitterwolf, I'm starting assembling tonight.


I revisited the cat fur and added a final highlight, I used a mix of 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white.




Same thing on the “back” side, the side that’s along the wall. I mixed 09280 nightmare black and 09039 pure white to build up the highlights.




Finally, I painted a 09136 walnut brown halo around the iris to sharpen the outline.




On this side I repainted the eye entirely.



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