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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

I'm stealing that colourscheme for blue fur...

Eyes look great!

sure go on, if you use nightmare black you'll be amazed how beautiful that color is. I'm glad you like the eyes.


4 hours ago, Fencig said:

this is all just very impressive

Many thanks Fencig, I'm glad you enjoy too. I hope it will inspire you.


Everything is sealed now. I used Vallejo acrylic matt varnish.




I hold the display base upside down and realized I will need to add something under the mini to have it level.




I scratched the paint and primer where the bat will be glued to ensure a solid connection.




I glued a piece of wooden stick the level the rock.




I used gorilla super glue to fix the bat to the base.




Waited 30 seconds or so and turned the display.




I used green stuff to fill the gap.




The gnome fitted perfectly on the saddle.




After scratching to paint on the contact surfaces, I applied a drop of super glue to fix the models together.




I then glued the small sac and water skin on the cat’s side.




I scratched the primer from the display base where I will glue the cat.




I used two parts epoxy glue to fix the cat the to display base.




While the glue was still soft, I stuck some rocks and sand to it.




I applied a first layer of 09031 tanned leather on the glue, the rocks and sand.




I then applied 09660 powderburn brown and highlighted the area with 29822 suntan flesh.




I applied a light pinkish highlight coming from above.




I applied the same highlights on the rock above the bat.




I finally glued the glowcap mushrooms on top of the stone wall.



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14 hours ago, Metalchaos said:

Many thanks Fencig, I'm glad you enjoy too. I hope it will inspire you.

i hope to tackle something like this one day, it's 5X more ambitious than anything i've tried so far.


You're scene looks totally organic, nothing out of place, killer conversion on the gnome, really well executed . Hopefully nice glass display case waiting for it🙂

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Thanks for the kind words everyone, I appreciate it and I'm glad you find it inspiring.


@Fencig I hope you will find time to create your own diorama.

@malefactus and @Glitterwolf keep on building yours, you guys have been a great source of inspiration to me.

The world needs more dioramas.


I completed the diorama and posted pictures in the Show Off section, here is a LINK.

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