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Skeleton Guardians - Old Boney Bones (77237, 77238, 77239, 77240, 77241, and 77018 and WotC)

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I think it's pretty cool seeing stuff like this. You can see the progression of your skills over time. Good work!:winkthumbs:

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Very nice!  It must be rewarding to see your progress like this. 

Now your skills allow you to use neat layering & lining, or a rougher-looking technique, where each is appropriate.

I like the color-coding.  And even though the Bog Skeletons don't have those colors, they're still RGB = Really Good Bones!

Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks everyone.  One of my favorite things about this hobby is how visible progress is.  It's very reassuring to put an older model next to a newer one and see where the growth has been.  It's a great motivator.  And rather than feel embarrassed by older models, I can look back fondly at where I started.  They may not be my greatest works, but I'm still proud of putting the paint to plastic, and they're still good enough to see some table time.

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