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Scale 75’s ZODIAC Mystic Signs kickstarter

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I am curious on this too. Hope I want nothing... hah.

The three teasers are cool but easy passes for me. Who knows on later ones. Eek. 

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Paints being shipped in February.  Just because Spain is warmish that month doesn't mean the rest of the world is...


That squished in face and Thanos hands on Taurus are... Oof, sad to see.  Or just not my style, I suppose.


Made things a lot easier for my wallet though, that's for sure.

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I am actually quite pleased with how this one is set up. Looks like all figures are intended to go to the store - no exclusives in the main bunch (there were in the busts KS). They have 35mm and 75mm options. Not sure I see the point of this paint set compared to S75's existing lines - looks like the colors overlap a ton, and they don't seem to have any stated difference in style of use. And they have 6 women, 6 men, of different ethnicity and fashion choices. The women aren't all just scantily clad, but the ones that are make sense to be (water types). Mongol woman centaur in armor for Sagittarius? That's a unique one for sure!


I'm a bit tempted to go for a few of the 35mm figures. Not sure yet. Wasn't interested in their teaser images, and don't have an urge for a large one of these, but small would be quite pleasing.

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This will be a pass for me.  The miniatures are beautiful but price converted to Canadian plus the cost of brokerage and taxes is way more than I am willing too spend.

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There are at least 4 I'd like, but also worried about Feb paint fulfillment given how long transit is (unless they use DHL).. depending on the exclusive extra parts I might jump in but otherwise i may just wait to get them when they hit the US side store as I want them.. I'd have to choose 4 out of Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn 

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