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CAV Inf Question.


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Latest Ask the CAVBoss from Mil-net here.


Customized Models


A Model cannot use Chain Lock unless it has:



a breeder (to provide power to the pod)

a target lock modular component (to allow a target lock roll)

at least one weapon system (determine max range)

the chain lock pod itself (which allows the roll to begin with)


Example 4 - "dirt cheap and fragile"

So the cheapest points wise chain lock system would probably be a 1 damage track gunship with only a single 48 inch range missile pack, no ECM (so anybody that attempts Target Lock aways succeeds), a Chain Lock Pod with only a breeder (PW) and a Target Lock computer (TL). Something a bit like an AWACS with teeth except probably going to be destroyed in the first turn or two of combat since any of the 60 inch range CAVs will probably eat its lunch. .. but it is cheap and illustrates well the bare minimum requirements to field a Chain Lock Pod.


light infantry = no Breeder = No Pods.

Heavy Infantry = Backpack Breeder = Pods.


That's my Story , and I'm sticking to it. :poke:



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When I was queriring pods at ReaperCon, Matt made no mention of the breeder requirement or that Light infantry can't carry pods. So, CAV-RC allows light infantry to carry pods..... perhaps that'll change but right now it's allowed.


Stormie, you can do anything to your infantry that you can do to your CAV's or tanks or gunships. There's nowhere near as much variety in the weapons, and almost none in the TL/ECM area, but you can carry pods, have armour upgrades and all the other good stuff.


One important note though, that infantry, regardless of type, can only carry ONE pod.

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