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CMON Marvel United Season 1 - Expansions and KS exclusives running thread

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I got the rest of my pledge a couple weeks back, but with how busy work has been and finals week for school, I haven't had very much time at all to paint. Now that I'm between terms for school and work has slowed down, I can paint a little again, even though I still have to spend some time keeping our daughter entertained since she's still stuck at home in the afternoons after kindergarten with not a lot to do. She'll paint with me a little bit, but move on to other stuff after a short while. She's actually painting Squirrel Girl right now from the KS exclusives for this. Since it seems that most people who got this kickstarter stuff started with certain characters, I decided to try a couple first that it seemed others weren't doing yet, and also ones that might be more challenging than others. So, I went with Moon Knight and M.O.D.O.K. Moon Knight is pretty much done, M.O.D.O.K. still needs work. Figured I would do one running thread for all of them as I work on them, so as to not clutter the forums up with these as I work on them. Only around 75 left to paint! LOL





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Been a while since I have been able to do any painting, which sucks since I love doing it. But, with getting all of the stuff from the Bones kickstarter this week, my daughter wanted to paint stuff, so I worked on Mysterio. I think I'm close to being done with him, although I found a few places I want to touch up that I see in the pics. He turned out far better than I was expecting him to!



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The fact this post is almost 2 years old and I haven't had any updates since Mysterio just makes me sad. I really wanted to get Season 1 all painted before I got Season 2 stuff, but that didn't happen (nowhere even close LOL), and until recently I've not been painting all that much since the past year was chaotic.. I would say 2022 for me was worse in general than being stuck at home in 2020 all year long. If you want to skip my pity party explanation of 2022, I put in a spoiler...  Anyhow, this have settled down a bit (FINALLY) and I was able to get the paints all back out. And, they just had another kickstarter for Marvel United (the Multiverse core set) and since I didn't want to miss out on that stuff, I got in on that as well, and figured I needed to start painting again. Anyhow, I started with Thanos, then did Black Dwarf (Kull Obsidian), Old Man Logan (from Season 2), finished up MODOK (which has been sitting unfinished for over 1.5 years) and then Groot. Feels really good to finally be back to painting again!


Broke my foot building a table for my brother-in-law early in the year; I wrapped up my bachelor's degree I had been putting off for 20 years;we decided we were going to move, so we spent months prepping our old house to sell and looking for a new one; my dad found out he had terminal cancer; wife, daughter and I went on vacation before we were set to move (since we needed a break) only to get COVID halfway into it; finally get a negative COVID test, even though it had given me a sinus infection and bronchitis which I had to then take antibiotics for, all while trying to finish packing for our upcoming move, the same day my dad went from not doing well to declining fast, and so in one week went from recovering from COVID to having to go back to my hometown to be there for dad and mom with my sisters, then dad passing, and then the next day my wife and I got the keys to our new house. The next week was split between moving stuff and doing the 1.5 hour drive up to my hometown to be there for mom and for the funeral and such. We then spent the next couple of months unpacking, and of course during all of this we had a bunch of major projects at work, so even work was crazy. I then decide that since my dad wanted to sell his convertible 2017 Camaro to help mom pay her car off, and I didn't want to see the car go to someone who wouldn't take care of it, I decided I was going to buy it from her. So, it's cool I have a bright red Camaro convertible, but I'd rather still have dad driving it (of course). Then, while picking on our dog, I was laying on the floor and my 8 year old decides she wants to pick on me, and laid down on my back. I don't know what I was thinking, but I tried readjusting how I was laying and ended up breaking a rib because of the pressure of her being on my back. Then of course the holidays (with the obligatory crappiness that comes with them being the first one with one of your parents gone), and I then decide I'm going to get a master's degree in IT. Since I didn't already have enough going on, right?












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Seems like I'm on a roll now! Just finished up Doc Ock! Since he's a Sinister Six member, I got Mysterio (the other SS that I have painted) in the shot. Next up will probably be Vulture, then Electro, Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Rhino, then the Days of Future Past box is up next!



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