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CMON Marvel United Season 1 - Expansions and KS exclusives running thread

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I got the rest of my pledge a couple weeks back, but with how busy work has been and finals week for school, I haven't had very much time at all to paint. Now that I'm between terms for school and work has slowed down, I can paint a little again, even though I still have to spend some time keeping our daughter entertained since she's still stuck at home in the afternoons after kindergarten with not a lot to do. She'll paint with me a little bit, but move on to other stuff after a short while. She's actually painting Squirrel Girl right now from the KS exclusives for this. Since it seems that most people who got this kickstarter stuff started with certain characters, I decided to try a couple first that it seemed others weren't doing yet, and also ones that might be more challenging than others. So, I went with Moon Knight and M.O.D.O.K. Moon Knight is pretty much done, M.O.D.O.K. still needs work. Figured I would do one running thread for all of them as I work on them, so as to not clutter the forums up with these as I work on them. Only around 75 left to paint! LOL





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Been a while since I have been able to do any painting, which sucks since I love doing it. But, with getting all of the stuff from the Bones kickstarter this week, my daughter wanted to paint stuff, so I worked on Mysterio. I think I'm close to being done with him, although I found a few places I want to touch up that I see in the pics. He turned out far better than I was expecting him to!



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