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CMON Marvel United Season 1 - Expansions and KS exclusives running thread

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Yeah, definitely a lot! And it is great to be able to say Season 1 is complete, considering it sat for almost 2 years with only about 10 of them painted before I got back into it and started painting again! Getting 130 of them painted in less than a year really makes me feel like I've been making a dent in them! Maybe once I'm done with these, I can get back to painting my Bones 1-5 minis 😄 Many of those have been sitting far too long... Although, I may end up selling or trading some of those, as some I just don't think I'll ever get to.


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So, got Hope Summers done. Didn't realize it, but she wasn't #150 completed, she was #151. Forgot to mark Peni Parker as done 😄 Also decides to repaint Howard the Duck's eyes, as I wasn't happy with them the more I looked at them. MUCH better now I think!

Next up is Spiral, Multiple Man, Stryfe, Havoc and Pyro




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So, had yesterday and today off from work so continued painting in some free time. First up is Spiral. I thought about going a bit more metallic with the armor and swords, but this seemed a bit less ostentatious coupled with the 6 arms.



Second up is Stryfe. Since I don't really like his design (as a character not just a model), I decided to try to make him look like the one cover from X-cutioner's Song with Cyclops and Jean Gray on it. First attempt ever at NMM, even though it's not *true* NMM, and more of a comic NMM. Can't say one way or another if I like the results, but he's done and well... That's something



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9 hours ago, Corsair said:

Pyro turned out great, easily one of your best jobs.

Thanks! Was more enjoyable than I was expecting as well. Although, I did get a chuckle after looking at the pic again, he kinda looks like Robin Williams 😄

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