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In doing research, it appears as though Mr. Riggs (the artist) used several different British uniforms as inspiration for his rendition of Eddie. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of 'make it up as I go along'.


The straps I have on his chest do NOT seem to be used to hold the backpack/bedroll that he is wearing in the picture. I'm a little worried that adding backpack straps will make the torso area a little busy. on the other hand, they kinda need to be there, otherwise how is that pack staying where it is?


I've got something I want to try first, but I may pull off all the straps I've already done and try to redo them smaller.



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Finished off the straps and the other pouch.







The ones on his back are a little messy, I need to go back and do a little trimming, but I'm not too concerned; they're going to be covered by a backpack.



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Posted (edited)

So, I've made quite a bit of progress, but I kinda forgot to take pictures along the way; this is where he's at currently:

















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So, my original intent was to bring this to Reapercon. I didn't finish painting it in time, but I brought it to the con with me anyway, figuring I'd have time to work on it and turn it in. I got to thinking about it, though. There are a couple of aspects of the figure that I'm not entirely pleased with, the flag being the biggest one (which is why you haven't seen it). I decided not to mess with it at the con and turn in something that I wasn't entirely happy with. This way, I've got an entire year to correct what I'm not happy with and get it painted up to the best of my ability for next year.

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      Here's 2 beetle swarms that I knocked out pretty quick this weekend. 
      One basic brown, and the other with a more metallic look to them.
      Let me know what you think.


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      I finished Mason Thornwarden a little earlier today. He's painted up to a (hopefully) decent tabletop standard. I've been reading a lot about Rangers of Shadowdeep on various blogs all over the internet; I can neither confirm nor deny that is what may have led to his selection for the paintbrush.
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      I just finished painting this figure yesterday. It's from the old Grenadier boxed set 'Fighting Men' #2005. Not really a whole lot to say about him, I spent about 3 hours painting him to a good tabletop level. I got a little burned out on painting for a while, feeling like I had to paint everything to a competition level. Well, sometimes it's just fun to slap some paint on a figure in a few hours just to take your mind off of other things. I had just forgotten that somewhere along the way.
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      'Scorch' Sotniko was hot. This whole damn world was hot, but this stinking jungle somehow seemed to be hotter still. The other mercenaries he was moving through the jungle with looked like they were feeling about the same as he was. Strange Midnight, their scout, didn't seem to be bothered as much as everyone else, but that was because he came from the rad deserts of Zargove-3. This was just a nice stroll in the woods for him. Scorch knew that they'd be at the rendezvous point in another half hour or so, and then he'd get a break. He'd be able to refill his canteens, as well as to remove the heavy Intergalactic Marine Expeditionary Force armor that he'd gotten a few months back off the black market. Between the heavy armor, the protective anti-flash gear, the flamethrower he was carrying, and all the rest of his gear, he had a fairly heavy load. It'd be good to able to shed the weight, even if only for a little while. Some of the other guys gave him grief about his chosen equipment, but they hadn't seen what the bugs they were hunting could do to a man; Scorch had. From what he'd heard, the IMEF armor was supposed to offer a substantial amount of protection from the claws and fangs that most of their current enemy was armed with. Likewise, the flamethrower was good for keeping them at a distance and killing whole swaths of the things at once. Yeah, it might be hot, but the way Scorch figured it, that was better than all the screamin', bleedin' and dyin' he remembered from his first encounter with the bugs.
      Nothing fancy, just a fairly quick tabletop paint job to shake the rust off.

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