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Midlam Miniatures : Sisters of the Kraken Cult

Cranky Dog

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I barely received my last campaign pledge from Midlam that already it has something that caught my interest.


Sisters of the Kraken Cult. The female counterparts of the previous "Onslaught of the Cult of the Kraken Lord" and "Cultists of the Kraken Lord". (I now have some regret of not getting it)




What's also interesting is the optional add-on of fish folk.



Brinewind is going to have some interesting neighbors.

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7 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

This was a no-brainer for me. I dig cultists and I dig the fish folk so in for both.


These guys do small KS but they always delivery, almost always on time, and the communications are good.



I may have spent tons more on Reaper campaigns, but Midlam is the one I pledged most often (16 times!) for the quality, value, usefulness and originality.

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15 hours ago, Citrine said:

I am sad they do not have a fish men by themselves pledge,  I just see no need for tentacle cultists. The fish guys are perfect for a campaign I am thinking of running. 

Private message them. I'm sure they'd be willing to swap out the cult for the fishmen or something simliar.

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