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Hello all.


Amateur game designer here.  I am hoping to test out some mechanics I have been working on during next year's convention season.  The base game is years down the road, but the battle mechanics are pretty solid and sort of the main point of the game, so now is the time to start planning on testing them.


As a test platform, I've decided to make a little minigame using the Bonesylvania figures, because cute little characters beating each other up attracts a crowd.  Part of the minigame is that when a character takes a certain amount of damage they rage and turn into a larger, more powerful version of themself for a few rounds (but lose the ability to self heal).  This is where I ask for help from the general community.  Some of the bigger figures to use are obvious, others not so much if I want to keep the same basic size scale.  I've got rage figures chosen for about three-fourths of the Bonesylvania figures and raging goes from Bonesylvania size to about ogre size.  For the remaining figures, the best rage size I can find are human sized and the scale just looks off.


My main problem here is that it's hard to tell how big some figures are looking on-line.  I've read the 'How tall is that mini?' post, and it will be helpful when that system is fully implemented, but currently it is not.  So I am calling out to people who may seen figures in real life to suggest a good rage version for the following; again I'm hoping to find something a little bigger than typical human sized figures (as you can see from the list, most of them would just be human sized in their more monstrous form).  I'm really hoping that there are some good matches out there and I'm just using the wrong search parameters.


Tish - 
Van -
Gus - Death Shroud (77636) might work height-wise, it will just be on am oversized base
Morty - There are a few Grim Reaper style minis to choose from, but I'm not sure of the sizes of them
Esme – There are some good human sized witches to choose from, no larger figures that match well


"But can't you just leave these out...?" Well, yes, but a game with little monsters running around without the classic Tish and Van style vampires just shouldn't happen.  I've looked through the demons and devils to see if there are any good ones that resemble Tish and Van and most of the better matches look closer to human sized.


The list below are the ones for which I've gotten good rage figures for if you want a better idea of the size scale I am looking for.

Sandy – Mummy Captain 77145
Tut – Mummy Lich 77147
Cal – Bone Devil 77325
Max – Zombie Ogre 77284
Bart – Flesh Golem 77169
Jack – Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem 03377
Mel – Bathalian Primarch 80040
Gil – Tiik Baron 77212
Patch – Gauntfield 77211
Jaques – Ankheg 77230
Lou – Eldrith Demon 02868
Lon – Werewolf 77464
Drak – Werebat 77448


Thank you


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Hmm... I can see how merely getting a "human" sized character isn't going to be the dramatic style desired. It may come down to just making more dynamic and large bases to make things pop.


Not much help, but I'm not a super duper figure aficionado. Sunday's are slow but I'm sure someone of more expert abilities will roll around during the week.

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