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The Witcher: Old World

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I might get the legendary add-on solo.

I've also suggest to one of my painting clients if they'd buy the kickstarter for themselves, I'd paint all their mini's in return for a copy of my own.

That might be a way for me to give in after all :) 

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9 hours ago, Balgin Stondraeg said:


It's my understanding that during the popular period with the well known characters monsters have become a bit of an endangered species. Witchers are pretty rare as well and don't often work together much. By setting the game in an earlier time they can have lots of monsters all over the board to keep all the players happy and keep the game going.


That's a good point.  In fact, the novels rarely deal with monsters, outside of the prequel short story compilations.


The video games seem to have a different vibe, but their status in canon is kinda funky anyway.

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Ye the mini's look awesome. I'm waiting for the Pledge Manager to open up so we can order with a friend.

I've offered to paint the whole collection for someone in exchange for my own versions, quite sure I got him in on that 🙂

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