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HALFLINGS "THE WITCH HUNTERS" Gang of halfing witch hunters - 25mm resin miniatures and STL files


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"There was no one to protect our race, which is why we lost several cities before this group of fierce halflings rushed to our aid. They have learned all there is to know to face our dark enemy; in fact they have changed. their customs and beliefs in their journey. It could be said that they are not men, but neither are they halflings; they live in an existential limbo that they themselves assure is the only way to defeat the dark forces that besiege us. "

Why I'm here?

"Thanks to the great advance in 3D printing technology, I have seen the opportunity to offer you, in addition to digital files, a physical product with the best quality at a reasonable price. The emergence of 4K monochrome LCD screen printers and 4K resins allow me to offer a product just as I would like to acquire, and exactly the same as the one I have sculpted.

For all this, in this campaign you will find the option to acquire Pledge Levels whose product is 4K quality copies… It's Wonderful. Likewise, you will find that there are no “merchant” Pledge Levels, since from now on the manufacture of the new projects will be in charge of Ezipion Miniatures exclusively.

The challenge now is to continue acquiring material to meet production needs (mono 4K printers, 4K resin, materials derived from their use) as well as logistics (packaging, bases, bags, labeling, etc.).

It is very exciting for me to take this step, so I have tried to offer something as special as these Witch Hunter Halflings to be able to take this definitive step.

Thanks for reading this "brick"; now come, see and enjoy!"


Haflings "The Witch Hunters" have been sculpted in high definition, so they will perfectly resist printing both on game scales and on higher scales for demanding collectors and painters. By default, all models will be scaled to be compatible with most board games and wargames on the market.


Below you can see in more detail the components of the initial raid to which, depending on the selected Pledge Level, and your wishes, you can add more comrades or enemies ...



These models have been printed on my Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K using Aqua Resin 4K resin, with a size per layer of 0.03 mm.

*This is the quality that you will find and receive at your home if you purchase a Pledge Level that includes resin models.

 To add STL Add-Ons to your Pledge level you only have to increase the amount of money you need to obtain the different models that you want to add to your rewards.

To add RESIN Add-Ons to your Pledge level you only have to increase the amount of money you need to obtain the different models (STL or Resin) that you want to add to your rewards.

Remember that this may vary the cost of shipping costs. These will be reviewed at the end of the campaign and you will have to pay the difference (it will not be much either because there are no particularly bulky models).

Unlocked Add-ons must be purchased separately. You can find it in the Add-ons (STL or Resin) list above.

Shipping costs are indicated in each pledge level regarding physical products. At the end, the volume will be reviewed in case any additional quantity has to be added. This amount should not be too much since there are no particularly bulky models.

Risks and challenges

The initial models are sculpted, checked with a mesh integrity inspector and printed by myself. The files will be sent securely through a direct download link and I have put at your disposal a model for free so you can check the quality of the sculptures and its printability. The only existing risk is the delay in sculpture issues if the stretch goals exceed those planned (I hope), but in any case it will be something that will only delay one week more than you can download those particular models. While you wait for that week you will surely have lots of miniatures to print. NOTICE 1: We may unlock Strech Goals and you haven't had time to update the "lock" in the image; don't worry I'll do it as soon as I can. I'm alone in this and I can't keep an eye on the campaign all day. I hope you understand. It may take a few hours between updates.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the F


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43 minutes ago, JoeGKushner said:

Haflings "The Witch Hunters" have been sculpted in high definition, so they will perfectly resist printing

Well, that's certainly a hilarious instant classic for the "Big Book of Why Spanish Creators Really Need to Let Someone Proofread Their English Marketing Copy".


I'm tempted; I can't say I have all that many *angry* halflings (even the armed ones usually look like they're about to drop everything and break for whatever meal seems most appropriate for the current time of day). The lack of an actual witch for the hunters to hunt is helping my will, saves, though.

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