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The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds

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The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds


A deck of worldbuilding prompts for creating imagined lands, local lore, and story-driven maps for creative writing and tabletop RPGs.




The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds is a set of 180 cards for creating imagined lands, local lore, and story-driven world maps you can instantly explore through writing or roleplay.


Containing hundreds of open-ended worldbuilding prompts created by a talented international team of writers, the deck is ideal for worldbuilders, writers, loremasters, storytellers, DMs, teachers, and RPG groups of all kinds. 


The deck features 6 simple card types that work together to create complex settings with a meaningful past, present, and future. With trillions of potential combinations and open-ended scalability, you can build anything from a city full of unique districts and landmarks, to a sprawling land of diverse terrain types, ecosystems, cultures, and civilizations. 




Combine Deck of Worlds with the original Story Engine Deck to fill your world with prompted characters, encounters, artefacts, story hooks, and more. By pairing the two, you can essentially explore and play in a creatively generated world using your preferred medium or RPG system.


Along with the standalone Deck of Worlds, we are also launching stretch goals for 3 new expansions and 6 new booster sets for the original Story Engine Deck, which you might know from our 1430%-funded Kickstarter project with 3,500+ happy backers.




Live now, already funded. Early-bird bonus cards if you're in in the next week or so and beyond.


Was really happy with the last project, think this will expand in a nice, fun way.

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I backed their first project and have used it multiple times to create stories and back stories for important NPCs and a couple of characters I’ve run. It is a fun way to just be creative and let the imagination roam. I’ve backed this one for the Deck of Worlds plus 3 expansions. 

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Aaand I went all in. It's worth mentioning that the original Story Engine, on sale, is about the same price as the KS, so this is pure gratification for early access.


Like the original Story Engine, I like the concept a lot. Yes, there are online random generators, but I like this kind of format as a tool to supplement my own imagination. A good tool for game masters.


Hoping they'll make a better storage method for all the expansions.

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33 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

OK, dangit, i pledged. I was ignoring the FB ads for this one, so it's all your fault @Cranky Dog, @Marvin and @Adrift


Tip o' the hat.gif


If you see it and think you'll like it, I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint you. Wysiwyg, etc. In a good way.



RE: storage box


That's one area I kinda get the feeling he's ultimately gonna come up short. Mostly because he's talking about further expansions in the future still, and that's ultimately impossible to plan effectively.


I too would really like everything to fit into a single box tho (at least, all of each set into its own boxes, two boxes total), 'cause yeah. That'd certainly clean everything up very nicely.

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6 hours ago, kristof65 said:

OK, dangit, i pledged. I was ignoring the FB ads for this one, so it's all your fault @Cranky Dog, @Marvin and @Adrift

Yes, come to the dark creative side.


Embrace your inner [picks card] Down on his luck [picks card] Chimney Sweep [picks card] On the run from [picks card] Accommodating [picks card] Wallaby [picks card] Boy Bands.


OK, who wrote over my cards with a sharpie?! Also, I'm stealing this character idea.

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