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My attempt at OSL

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Nice first go at it!


You got the general ideas pretty well but there are some nuances to consider.


There isn't much fade to it with proximity - it is either illuminated or it isn't. Light tends to be less bright further away from the object, when it is radial like that is. You could make the flame brighter, then arm is next brightest, and then the chest and hood have lower illumination.


Flame is also backwards; fire tends to be hottest at the center, so the insides should be white, with the reds towards the outer parts.


Happy painting, and great job trying a tough skill!

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Wow, I like this a lot! 🙂

This was already mentioned, but yes, the flame is drawn "backwards":  The base layers should be the brightest white/yellow and the highlights are darker reds.

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7 hours ago, RogaDanar said:

Thanks Cyradis and Zloyduh, that is really helpful. I may have had my flames wrong for the entire time I have been painting!

When you say the light fades, should I have it blend to a dark red?

Basically, the further from the light source, the duller the color will be as compared to surfaces further away. 

for instance, the ‘light’ touching his bow is a wonderful touch, but it much too bright for being so far from the magic fire. 

also, metallic surfaces reflect light much stronger than dull surfaces like cloth, leather, etc. so you’d expect to see a brighter glow off the dagger pommels than the hood of the cloak, despite the distance factor. 

This is an awesome first attempt and I hope that the extra ideas help your brain process through the added complexity!


If you search for the Almaran I just did with the mint green flame you’ll see what I mean about the brightness of metal in OSL as compared to duller surfaces. :lol:

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I keep coming back here.  I want to do OSL now! 🙂
Don't have a figure for it though, but hey!  Bones 5 should be arriving soon.  Maybe I'll find one there?


Would you mind sharing your how-to video here?

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asked for the how-to video
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