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16 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

I don't know if it's applicable to RBG and your order, but another KS I'm on is saying that there is a white metal shortage (tin) for some of the same reasons that are affecting the world shortage in microchips.


No clue, hadn't heard about that shortage. Possibly a cause. I imagine it's also that Tre outsources his casting to Valiant (which is based in Wisconsin), so they had to fit his order into their own production queue, plus any shipping delays to him. He mentioned a second caster, so that business probably has the same problems.


I happen to have a pound of lead-free pewter ingots... wonder if anyone wants to buy them. Or barter.

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The latest from the FB page, posted sometime yesterday:


Well the Store is now officially closed. Orders are still being processed but we are making significant progress. There are a few items which are still on order having not been delivered in our previous orders but these items are very few so they are not holding up many of the of the orders. Whatever orders can be fulfilled are being fulfilled and the missing items are on order and should be in hand very soon.

I do VERY much appreciate everyone's patience with me in getting this process finished and for making the store's closure sale such a resounding success. it has been a bittersweet process to put it mildly. After 13 yrs in business ( August 5th of 2008 to present ) and creating HUNDREDS of figures fulfilling some 6073 orders through the store and probably 2000 or 3000 more through kickstarter, interacting with so many people many of whom have been long time supporters, enthusiasts, and even friends I am truly humbled and immensely gratified to have had the great honour and pleasure to populate the theatre of so many imaginations with my creations. It is impossible to articulate and absolutely unforgettable.

Thank you all so much.



I just visited the store site, which while still there, has the majority of pages/links removed. You can still log into your account to see the status of your order.


Thanks for the memories, Tre. To Red Box Games, I perform the Klingon death ritual for a fallen warrior:



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Came back in from walking the dogs and low and behold there was my package on the dining room table. I hadn't been expecting it as I didn't receive a shipping confirmation, so to anyone still awaiting their order, Tre may not be sending out notifications when they are shipped. Keep an eye on your mailbox, pleasant surprises may await you!


Everything came accurately and in a padded envelope that also had some thick blister foam sandwiching everything inside.

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Got the bulk of my shipment today. Three mini’s weren’t in there (2 models; 2 of one and 1 of another), but were noted on the packing slip that they’d be sent once they arrive in house. 

There was a tracking number on the package, but I got no notification of the package having been shipped. It was just a nice surprise in my mailbox today. 

The mini’s look great. I need to get some metal painting under my belt before I attempt to tackle any of these now-irreplaceable sculpts. 😁

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15 hours ago, SGHawkins09 said:

Tre opened the shop back up with some things that he had extras of. He is still waiting on the last shipment from one of the casters.

Well, I’m now $93 poorer. 
Future Merry Christmas to me, I guess. 😜

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