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Reaper Bones Bears - Cave Bear 44082 and Dire Bear 77494


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A pair of Bones bears (or the bear Bones, if you like)


I tried to paint these from pictures of real-life grizzly bears. Every time I paint an animal it ends up with a chaotic riot of washes and highlights in different colours until it looks enough like the source images to satisfy me. I doubt if I could paint another one and get the same colour! The coat of the Dire bear is much coarser, which really shows in the photo (like the fine moulding line on the Cave Bear's face) but is less bothersome in more natural light.


I painted these as companions to my Stone Giant tribe, and you can see the frankly ridiculous diorama I built over here...


Stone Giant Tribe


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35 minutes ago, Mkgallerystudio said:

I'll think about Your method when I finally muster up the courage to start werebear 🙂


Good luck! I always start with an online search for real animals as inspiration. I've noticed that I end up crossing over colours a lot - so a grey wolf will have some brown in it, and my brown bears have some grey, and somehow that gives them more depth and realism

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