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Ratmaster2000's Neptune 2 adventures in printing

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Okay, so the resin printers are still not set up on the garage, but I did manage to acquire a Elegoo Neptune 2 printer, and I am having a blast. I will try and document my adventures here, and give any insight I can as I go along.


So, first here are some pictures of the neptune 2 after set-up. The manual leaves a lot to bw desired as far as set-up, but elegoo has an excellent video showing how to build the neptune 2, so it was very easy to put together. I was doing the build leisurely, so it probably took an hour and a half:)20210521_012316.thumb.jpg.cc166709108819b5666789d2f81f2400.jpg


Next is elegoo's test model (honestly, I would have preferred some kind of chess piece):


I needed a cover for a PSP missing a battery door:


And of course I needed a Yoda extruder knob:)


And a tool holder (I need to modify it a bit to get it to go on properly, pictures completed incoming)


And starting to test print Mia Kay's scatter terrain:


and finally a belated birthday present for my 12 year old:


I cannot wait to set up my resin printers, but for now I am having a blast with the Neptune 2!

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Some updated shots:

The completed stormtrooper head, now I need to print the base:(


Had to cut a channel to make the tool holder fit (Neptune's apparently have a different top rail then ender's) but it works!


Yoda is now a permeant resident on the extruder knob:


I guess I should have either printed less at one time, made them bigger or saved them for the resin printer:(


And now printing my biggest effort yet, a true stress test for the printer (Update, I am getting some lifting on the edges, which honestly doesn't surprise me, I am going to let it run, and see how it goes). This is the dice tower from Mia Kay's scatter terrain kickstarter:



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So, I'll need to circle around to the dice tree at a later time, decided to see how custom bases and other items I have licensing for will go:

First up from 3D IPstudios is the wizard from their fantasy busts kickstarter:



And here is more of Mia's scatter terrain and a mini from her women of tabletop (I have come to the conclusion that FDM is great for terrain/large pieces I.E. busts and resin is more suited to detailed and/or smaller mini's)


And here are some bases that worked on FDM from Casper Gad's basicaid kickstarter:





This one came out well except for the fact I knocked off one barrel as I was cleaning it up:


And I should have supported this one I guess, but small pieces on FDM don't seem to go well:( I'll try this on the resin units later this month/next month once I am up and running.


there was supposed to be a shovel which failed and I feel the grave is too shallow.


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Awesome stuff!  I got a Neptune 2 myself and after a rough start, I'm finally getting there, I think.  Much prefer the quality of resin but you can't beat dropping a space ship part and having it bounce instead of shatter...  

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1 minute ago, Rahz said:

Awesome stuff!  I got a Neptune 2 myself and after a rough start, I'm finally getting there, I think.  Much prefer the quality of resin but you can't beat dropping a space ship part and having it bounce instead of shatter...  

Yup, but you can still have breaks in FDM, broke two parts off on one of my chapel ruins I need to glue back on😫

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