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Vortex Compressor Question

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More then likely it's this one, but rebranded with Reaper logos



The Aspire Pro TC910 compressor will proficiently operate all airbrushes for any application. Offers constant pressure and Zero pulsation. An excellent choice for artists, hobbyists, high volume bakeries, and taxidermists.


Operates 1 airbrush any make

Never needs lubrication

Virtually maintenance free

6 foot cord and three prong plug

on/off switch

Auto shut-off


Storage Tank

Two Airbrush Holders


Horsepower: 1/6HP

Displacement: .81cfm (23 L/min)

Max. Pressure: 57psi (4.0kg/cm2)

AMP (110V): 1.0A

Weight: 18.08 lbs. (8.2 Kgs)


This one has a moisture trap. The Reaper one has it as well. You can see it in the front.


Also, Vex accessories are still hard to find as none of the links go to the parts section.

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