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A-Pork-a-Lyptic BBQ Diner (3D misprint-conversion fun)

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3D-printer model -- model design by Matthew Rumsey; model 3D-printed by Chris Thesing.  In addition to the basic model (a very simplistic depiction of the style of "Drumlin Diner" found all over the Boston area in Fallout 4) I was given an extra section of roof that was the result of a misprint.  I used some foam (lots of sanding) and epoxy putty to transform it into an extension of the main rooftop, so I'd have an overhang for a drive-through window.

The model is very basic in that there's no included furniture, there are doorways on each side (but no doors), and there's no clear place to put anything like counters, seating, etc.  However, it's pretty sturdy and solid, and has a nice slotting setup so that the roof can set down solidly on top, or be lifted off for access to the interior for placing minis.



It also didn't have anything in the way of signage, but I worked on that.  DCWV 1/2" tall letterboard lettering was just about perfect for the front sign (for me to put "DINER" up front with 3D letters).  I used a scrap piece left over from converting my Pixar Cars "Flo's V8 Cafe" playset to serve as the main part of the sign, then used some more letterboard letters (plus some leftover lasercut wooden ones) to make the "APORKALYPTIC BBQ" lettering (over a painted mushroom cloud, for that oh-so-subtle touch).  On top is a pig from the Safari Ltd "Down on the Farm Toob."  The top "Aporkalyptic BBQ" sign part can be removed, so I can just use this as a "generic" diner, or put some other branding in its place for variety.  (Eventually I suppose I'll need to make some complementary signage out front.)


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Here's the link for the model on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2820529 


(Designer: "Urlock_Gaur," AKA Matthew Rumsey.)  IMHO, this model works well with PLA filament.  The pieces don't really need rafts (since both roof and main body are flat-bottomed), but it could still use some supports for the windows, doorway, and outer ledges/counters.


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On 6/1/2021 at 8:19 PM, Rigel said:

Beautiful work! Love the detailing. Is "Aporkalyptic" from Fallout, or your own joke? 


It's something I made up.  Not ALL businesses in the Fallout universe reference nuclear power or "foreshadow" that the world's going to blow up in a nuclear apocalypse, but quite a few do.  Along those lines, I've been straining to come up with goofy names for made-up businesses.  In particular, one of my mini-goals was to use up all the oddball out-of-scale figures that came with a "Down on the Farm Toob" I picked up at JoAnn Fabric (or two of them, actually -- needed two cow heads to make a Brahmin!). 


The chickens were used as mascots for a joint I named "Bomber Wing."  The pig?  Uhm ... something pork-related -- aha!  APORKALYPSE!  Or APORKALYPTIC BBQ.  I figure I'll make a roadside sign for the place as well, and use the second oversized pig atop that.


The horses, cows, and mini-tractor were close enough to 32mm scale that I used them for minis.  (Cows to make Brahmin, horses as semi-apocryphal conveyance for a caravan wagon or two, mini-tractor to be a mini-tractor.)


The oversized farmer and under-sized barn are going to be used for a weird chem outlet called "PHARMO BARN."  It's not nuclear-themed at all, but "chems" seem to really be a Fallout phenomenon, so I figured some roadside business ought to fit that theme.  (Plus, I've got an incomplete tiny Plasticville "barn" model that I figured I could incorporate into a facade for the building.)  I've just got to think of some sort of catchy slogan for the place.  A rhyme would be nice, but nothing's quite clicking.  Something-something, "here at the Pharm!"


There's also a little hay bale in the set, but I'm not sure what to do with two small hay bales.  Into the pointless scatter pile!  Maybe set them out in front of a roadside merchant stall, and use them as something to set wares atop.


I've been straining to think of a few other "fast food" company names. My original intent was that I could "genericize" a couple of diner / fast food / store buildings, and then create more variety by swapping out signs to put out front by the road, and atop the roof.  Now it's Bomber Wing!  Now it's Radiation King!  Now it's RobCo!  Etc.  However, I've got so many "diner / fast-food" buildings now that it's probably overkill.  AND YET ... it's still kind of fun to make more signage.  🙂

I need to do more really retro stuff, though, like big "L-curve" arrows lined with "lights," etc.

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