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Assembled my crew and prepped and primed them. 20210523_234738.thumb.jpg.41eb8d86ca71612d6c2c7c8bcbc7c9c8.jpg

Two clopsen troopers, a lizardman recruit, sniper and another recruit/ chisler.


A gnoll commando, medic and recruit, and a cultist recruit/hacker and trooper.


Edit: It is a bit funny that My crew isn't using much of the actual Stargrave miniatures other than a few arms and guns, but then this is just the first crew, and I'll need some ruffians and pirates as well.

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Gun metals up the guns and experimented with some washes on the lizardmen and clopsen.20210524_235417.thumb.jpg.e18dda9cd84b3745d9a1f0b0d5596ebf.jpg

Redid the straps on the lizards first. 


used quickshade blue tone on the first one, secret weapon green black on the middle and watered down nightmare black on the last. A little disappointed with green black, really thought it would be darker. Might dig out my orkhide shade and see if that is still good. That was my go to green wash for a while.


Also painted the pants and necklaces here. And used quick shade flesh wash, it looks ok on the one in the front but I might go back on the one in the back with some pro paint flesh ink, it's much darker and good for very weathered  skin, flesh wash is more subtle shading than I think I want here.

Also, you can't see it here but I had to green stuff out the hair on the other side of the front clopsen to even it out and also fix his mustache a bit, but now I'm wondering if it's not that the other side wasn't teased out enough. But that there's a sculpt error or miscast on the side we see here. Like maybe the ears were supposed to be sculpted but then weren't or something. I think it's too late to dr o anything about it now. It looks fine on the table as is.

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37 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

I like the way the pistol lizards look

Thanks, the guns are from the scifi cultist conversion sprue and a crew arm respectively with last finger scraped away. Though looking at them now, I might make a green stuff bracelet for at least one of them.

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I made based and/or based 2 more recruits/runners deciding after deciding the crew should have 3 of each race. 1 recruit or runner, 1 standard with a cost, and 1 specialist. So I needed another cultist and a clopsen.


I also put together a Garn commander from khurasan to be the 1st mate, but i haven't been sold on any color scheme I've tried so far. Everyone liked their new red uniforms though. Did a little bit of shading of the red as well

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Didn't get a whole lot done with the crew. Mostly just picking at details.


Settled on the unfifirm for these guys and also whited up most everyone's eyes.20210619_190824.thumb.jpg.5c92896b73f8b1953e6b92217e86f0a4.jpg

Gave the CO some teeth and officially attached him to the base. Starting to settle on his color, but it's green and orange/red which are colors I don't see well so if this looks wierd let me know. I might not be able to see places where some colors end up in the wrong places or just look awful,  so I would appreciate any audience participation when it comes to the color of this guy.20210619_190814.thumb.jpg.07ad1b858b5397dfeca5d992f96aee44.jpg

Everyone as they stand right now.

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Make way for the Captain! And also some other guy that will probably join a different crew or become a pirate or something. 20210626_025100.thumb.jpg.e2a403da4e5cd28c0375d15f9ceb07a4.jpg

Edit: hmmm not sold on blue for the pants. Looks too modern, might go with brown after all.

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      I don't have any ideas at present for what the color scheme will be, save that I want it to be purple.
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