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[Pathfinder] Borderland Provinces, Plot Thread - No Megans.

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Not much plotted out yet - just the bare bones of a fifth to seventh level Plot encounter.


The PCs come upon a noble and his heir being attacked by orcs and bandits - the soldiers that were supposed to protect them fled as soon as the foes appeared.


Both the bandits and the orcs were well paid to see that the Baron and his son do not live to see the next dawn.


As were the Baron's retainers - who are already on their way to the Baron's holdings, to spread the word that he has been slain.


Which will be kind of embarrassing if the PCs can manage to keep him alive.


It is going to be a rough fight, with a CR 2 above the party's APL, even after adding in the Baron, his son, and the two or three retainers that remain loyal. If the PCs do not intervene, the Baron goes down in Round three, with his son following in Round 5.


And all the coins found are from the Kingdom of Foere - and they were well paid indeed. While the majority of coins found in the Borderland Provinces are of Foere minting, these are all newly struck coins. After the Provinces broke off from the Kingdom of Foere....


The PCs, the Baron, his son, and his Seneschal are all mounted - the rest of the retainers are afoot. While the bandits are targeting the men, the orcs are fine with shooting the horses - more food for the pot. The bandits, on the other hand, consider the horses to be loot.


The Auld Grump

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An old seed I came up a long time ago.


The local bard has been replaced by a doppelganger.


The doppelganger isn't the bad guy - someone poisoned the bard, and the doppelganger is keeping him alive.


Though people may wonder why they never see Blackaxe the barbarian bartender and Lars the Bard in the same place at the same time, anymore....


The bad guy is a fallen paladin, who doesn't know that Blackaxe the Barbarian was replaced by a doppelganger decades ago. (The doppelganger didn't kill him, just took his place. Most of the party even knew - but no one told the paladin....)


The Auld Grump - in the original version of the seed, the bard and the doppelganger did a comedy routine.

Which one of you is the real bard?!

Both point at the other and says 'He is!'

Then they look at each other, and with their arms linked each points to themselves and says 'No! I am!'

Finally, the doppelganger changes to pointing at the real bard and says 'He is!' while Lars continues to point at himself and says 'I am!'


They... are a pair of goofballs.


Blackaxe, on the other hand, was a piece of broccoli, who got himself deaded by being an idiot. So, the doppelganger took his place. Once they got out of the dungeon the doppelganger/Blackaxe retired, and became a bartender, keeping his signature axe on the wall behind the bar.


Not sure if this is the plot I am going to use for the town or not, but it's a start.


The Auld Grump

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