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Purple old and purple new, purple can be dragons too!

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13 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

What a fantastic idea! They look amazing!


Thanks!  They were fun but in both cases I went too light and had to go back over the highlighted areas with a darker purple.  Other than that, Rocky, as usual was an absolute joy to paint.  The Panther dragon was a lot harder to keep track of everything, that tail is huge and hard to get to.  


9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Great work on them both! I really like that old classic Partha dragon.

Thanks!  I liked it to but I took me forever to work up the nerve to paint it!  I wound up with a nonstandard color.  Black was my first choice but I either got a grey dragon a shiny dragon or an undifferentiated pool of darkness...

Which sounds much cooler than it looks!


@Glitterwolf thanks as always for the cool stamp of approval I don't know where you find them all!

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Both well done - love the palatte - I'll have to steal use that idea. The ral partha dragon is stealing my heart though - it's such a perfect sculpt for the shadowy purples - I imagine it climbing the walls and crevices of an enourmous cavern, waiting to snatch party members one by one....

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      Hello to all you Reaperthalians!
      Here's another figure I just got done with, Shara Darksteel, a Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals figure.    I really like her skull mask, and tried to give her some darker slightly Gothy colors, without making her just black, and her robe ended up looking more or less like a monk's robe.

      my settings that I use seem to tamp down the color of these figures, her hair is much more vibrant and the features on her bolts are a lot more red.
      I used bright skin as her base color, which was a color I hadn't used in quite a while so that was nice to do something different.  
      I wish I knew who the sculptor was for this miniature, but not quite sure. Might have to hunt her down in the Lost Mini Wiki.
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